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Monday, March 18, 2019

Brought to you by the collaboration of the industry's leading hardware and software vendors, this day-long tutorial provides professional insight on how to create cutting-edge game graphics for game developers targeting the PC platform. Presenters include members of AMD and NVIDIA's developer technology, demo or research staff, plus guest speakers from the industry who are shipping games into the marketplace. Together these speakers will cover advanced graphics techniques that use modern PC graphics APIs to produce stunning visuals and achieve speed-of-light performance on contemporary GPUs. This tutorial will also cover a series of vendor-neutral optimizations that developers need to keep in mind when designing their engines and shaders.

Featured Advanced Graphics Techniques Sessions

Breaking Down Barriers: An Introduction to CPU Synchronization

Matt Pettineo (Ready at Dawn)

Four Million Acres, Seriously: GPU-Based Procedural Terrains in 'Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass'

Alen Ladavac (Croteam)

High Zombie Throughput in Modern Graphics

Anton Krupkin (Saber Interactive)

Advanced Graphics Techniques Sessions at GDC 2019

Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial Organizer

Nicolas Thibieroz


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