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GDC Summit Advisors are distinguished industry professionals who volunteer their time to help develop the GDC Summit program. Their work is critical to ensuring that the highest quality and most relevant content is shared in the GDC Summits.

Advanced Graphics Summit Advisor

Julien Merceron

Bandai Namco Studios

AI Summit Advisors

Tommy Thompson

AI and Games

Emily Short


Steve Rabin

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Animation Summit Advisors

Lana Bachynski

Riot Games

Michael Jungbluth


Art Direction Summit Advisors

Keith Self Ballard

Blizzard Entertainment

Andrew Maximov

Promethean AI, LLC

Audio Summit Advisors

Scott Selfon


Damian Kastbauer


Board Game Design Summit Advisors

Soren Johnson

Mohawk Games

Geoff Engelstein

Mind Bullet Games

Sen-Foong Lim

Community Management Summit Advisors

Nova Barlow

RedLens Games, Inc

Troy Hewitt


Grace Carroll

Payload Studios

Educators Summit Advisors

Katherine Isbister

UC Santa Cruz

Michael Mateas

UC Santa Cruz

Miguel Sicart

IT University of Copenhagen

Esports Summit Advisor

Amanda Stevens

StayFree Consulting

Fair Play Alliance Summit Advisors

Kimberly Voll

Stray Bombay

Carlos Figueiredo

Two Hat

Elise Lemaire


Natasha Miller

Fair Play Alliance

Free to Play Summit Advisors

Frank Cartwright


Lindsey Williamson Christy

Phoenix Labs

Steve Meretzky


Seth Sivak

Proletariat Inc.

Katrina Wolfe


Game Design Workshop Advisor

Marc Leblanc

Riot Games

Game Narrative Summit Advisors

Tom Abernathy


Richard Dansky

Ubisoft/Red Storm

Susan O'Connor

The Narrative Department

Independent Games Summit Advisors

Hannah Nicklin

Die Gute Fabrik

Justin Ma

Subset Games (There Goes Design)

Kaitlin Tremblay

Capybara Games

Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Strange Scaffold

Felix Kramer

The Game Band

Des Gayle

Altered Gene

Level Design Summit Advisors

Joel Burgess

Capybara Games

Dana Nightingale

Arkane Studios Lyon

Jim Brown

Epic Games

Machine Learning Summit Advisors

Olivier Pomarez

Ubisoft La Forge

Julien Merceron

Bandai Namco Studios

Math in Game Development Summit Advisors

Squirrel Eiserloh

The Guildhall at SMU

Fletcher Dunn

Valve Software

Online Game Technology Summit Advisors

Edward Pereira

Naughty Dog, Inc.

Mark Mandel

Google Cloud

Open Source Game Development Summit

Wouter van Oortmerssen


Production Essentials Summit Advisors

Charu Desodt

Interior Night

Lisy Kane

Kepler Interactive

Storytelling Fundamentals Workshop Advisor

Evan Skolnick


Technical Artists Summit Advisors

Mary Cassin


Mary Denman

Electronic Arts

Tools Summit Advisors

Geoff Evans

Epic Games

David Lightbown


Game UX Summit Advisors

Celia Hodent

Game UX Consultant

Visual Effects Summit Advisor

Veer Sharma


Future Realities Summit Advisors

Daniel Aasheim


Dana Ware


Lauren Domingo

HP Inc.

Pete Isensee

Oculus Research

Aaron Lemke

The Wave VR

Ethan Stearns

MWM Immersive

Summit Advisory Board Emeritus

  • Lilian 'Lil' Chen YouTube Gaming
  • Mary DeMarle Eidos Montreal
  • Tracy Fullerton USC
  • Susan Gold
  • Sulka Haro Makielab
  • David Kalina Tiger Style
  • Frank Lantz Area/Code, NYU Game Center
  • Miguel Bernal Merino Roehampton University
  • Fabio Minazzi Binari Sonari
  • Daniel Pagelina Double Fine Games
  • Donna Prior Catan Studio
  • Chris Pruett Robot Invader
  • Brenda Romero University of Limerick & Romero Games
  • Kellee Santiago Google
  • Ian Schreiber Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Saralyn Smith Blizzard Entertainment
  • Steve Swink CubeHeart Games
  • Mario Vasquez EA
  • Ben Wibberley VMC Game Labs
  • Matthew Wegner Flashbang Studios
  • Nicolas Thibieroz AMD
  • Aleissia Laidacker
  • Patrick Miller Riot Games
  • David Edery Spry Fox
  • John Welch Making Fun
  • Lev Chapelsky Blindlight
  • Christina Wun Riot Games
  • Juan Gril Apple
  • Ryan Clark Brace Yourself Games
  • Tanya X. Short Kitfox Games
  • Sarah Grissom FXVille
  • Jessica Brunelle Ember Entertainment
  • Ruth Tomandl Facebook Reality Labs
  • Clint Hocking Ubisoft
  • Chris Oat Rockstar Games
  • Jonatan van Hove Independent
  • Akira Thompson RainBros
  • Ikrima Elhassan Kite & Lightning
  • Dan Hurd Playful Corp.
  • Colin Northway Northway Games
  • Alex Schwartz
  • Chet Faliszek Bossa Studios

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