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GDC Summit Advisors are distinguished industry professionals who volunteer their time to help develop the GDC Summit program. Their work is critical to ensuring that the highest quality and most relevant content is shared in the GDC Summits.

Advanced Graphics Summit Advisors

Jeremy Ong

Independent Game Developer

Julien Merceron

Bandai Namco Studios

AI Summit Advisors

Ahmed Khalifa

Insitute of Digital Games at University of Malta &


Andrea Schiel


Duygu Cakmak

Creative Assembly


Steve Rabin

Electronic Arts

Tommy Thompson

AI and Games

Animation Summit Advisors

Lana Bachynski

Riot Games

Michael Jungbluth


Michala Braker

Rockstar Games

Art Direction Summit Advisors

Andrew Maximov

Promethean AI, LLC

Keith Self Ballard

Blizzard Entertainment

Audio Summit Advisors

Damian Kastbauer


Scott Selfon


Community Management Summit Advisors

Grace Carroll

Payload Studios

Nick van Vugt

Behaviour Interactive 

Victoria Tran



Educators Summit Advisors

Katherine Isbister

UC Santa Cruz

Michael Mateas

UC Santa Cruz

Miguel Sicart

IT University of Copenhagen

Fair Play Alliance Workshop Advisors

Carlos Figueiredo

Two Hat

Natasha Miller

Blizzard Entertainment

Free to Play Summit Advisors

John Welch

Making Fun

Seth Sivak

Proletariat Inc.

Katrina Wolfe


Nika Nour

Genvid Entertainment

Frank Cartwright

Microsoft Casual Games

Lindsey Williamson Christy

Phoenix Labs

Steve Meretzky


Future Realities Summit Advisors

Dana Ware


Daniel Aasheim


Lauren Domingo

HP Inc.

Aaron Lemke

The Wave VR

Pete Isensee

Oculus Research

Ethan Stearns

MWM Immersive

Game Design Workshop Advisor

Marc Leblanc

Riot Games

Game Narrative Summit Advisors

Richard Dansky


Sam Maggs

Wizards of the Coast

Susan O'Connor

The Narrative Department

Tom Abernathy


Independent Games Summit Advisors

Des Gayle

Altered Gene

Felix Kramer


Hannah Nicklin

Die Gute Fabrik

Kaitlin Tremblay

Soft Rains

Sunni Pavlovic

Windflower Games

Wren Brier


Level Design Workshop Advisors

Jim Brown

Joel Burgess

Machine Learning Summit Advisors

Julien Merceron

Bandai Namco Studios

Olivier Pomarez

Ubisoft La Forge

Open Source Game Development Summit

Wouter van Oortmerssen

VoxRay Games

Nathan Riemer

Independent / tgstation

Production Essentials WorkshopAdvisors

Charu Desodt

Interior Night

Lisy Kane

Kepler Interactive

Storytelling Fundamentals Workshop Advisor

Evan Skolnick


Tabletop Summit Advisors

Banana Chan

Game and a Curry

Geoff Engelstein

Mind Bullet Games

Sen-Foong Lim

Soren Johnson

Mohawk Games

Technical Artists Summit Advisors

Mary Cassin


Mary Denman

Electronic Arts

Game UX Summit Advisors

Celia Hodent

Game UX Consultant

Rebecca Cohen Palacios

Visual Effects Summit Advisor

Claudio Perez

VFX Apprentice 

Jason Keyser

VFX Apprentice

Veer Sharma



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