Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Returning for its tenth year at GDC, the Level Design Workshop offers an all-day series of talks covering topics across the vast spectrum of this crucial aspect of game design. Historically, LD Workshop presentations run the gamut from sharing specific techniques, to in-depth analysis of shipped games, to introspective explorations of "big" concepts that affect level designers/teams, as well as providing guides to process and workflow. The LD Workshop organizers have curated a diverse mix of established and emerging voices from all corners of the level design world to present an entertaining and enlightening agenda of talks for attendees.

Featured 2018 Level Design Workshop Sessions

Level Design Workshop: The Holy Grail of Multiplayer Level Design: Maps for Casual and Competitive Play

Andrew Yoder (Hi-Rez Studios)

Level Design Workshop: Designing for Non-Linear Story Discovery in 'Tacoma'

Steve Gaynor (Fullbright), Nina Freeman (Fullbright)

Level Design Workshop: Procedural Regeneration: Matching the World to the Player

Heather Robertson (Heather Flowers)

Level Design Workshop Sessions at GDC 2019

Level Design Workshop Organizers

Clint Hocking


Jim Brown

Epic Games

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