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GDC 2023 Session Guide and Tips for First Time GDC Attendees

The First Time at GDC guide features some of the "Greatest Hits" GDC is known for, along with 10 tips on making the most of your GDC, and links to recommended GDC Vault videos and Game Developer articles that will help you get pumped for GDC 2023.

GDC 2023 Session Guide for Programmers

Programmers from all over the world come to the Game Developers Conference to learn the latest tools, tips, and methods for developing incredible games. This session guide—with tips and suggested videos—will help you make the most of your GDC.

Marina Díez to Host 2023 IGF Awards at GDC

Marina is a Spanish award-winning game designer based in Berlin and London. She's the CEO at Three of Cups Games, a games studio based in London—as well as an emotional game designer at BTF Games for “The Berlin Apartment” and the lead game designer of Dordogne at Un Je Ne Sais Quoi Studio.

GDC 2023 Session Guide for Career and Company Growth

GDC Session Guide 1: Realize your Career Development goals with this guide featuring standout sessions, panels, and events dedicated to helping your career and company growth efforts—along with tips on making the most of your GDC, whether job seeking or recruiting.

GDC Pitch Returns to GDC 2023 with New Games and Judges

GDC Pitch is a special event designed to help select participants practice their game-pitching skills. Five studios will solicit their games to an opinionated panel of investors and publishers—followed by questions, advice, and feedback.

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