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Take a Deep Dive Into Facial Performance Capture for 'The Quarry' in This GDC 2023 Talk

The small team at Digital Domain processed over 30 hours of facial performance for Supermassive Games' horror release The Quarry. They're heading to GDC 2023 for a programming and visual arts talk to share how their technology and pipeline can be adapted to real-time workflows. 

Case Study: Creating Realistic Facial Motion for 'The Quarry' takes a focused look at Digital Domain's technology and pipeline developed for the facial performance capture on The Quarry. Attendees will learn about the exciting workflows used to transfer human emotion automatically to realistic digital characters. These feature film-quality facial capture technologies have been adapted to support game-scale workloads and interactivity.

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Digital Domain's Aruna Inversin, Peter Rabel, and Ricky Cloudsdale will bring attendees into their work process and provide inspiration for visual arts teams everywhere. 

This session is ideally for intermediate pipeline supervisors and engineers, software developers, as well as production-focused crew members such as directors, producers, and stage crew. View all GDC 2023 sessions here.

Join us at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this March 20-24, 2023 to see new approaches to solving human performances onto digital puppets through work on The QuarryRegister for GDC 2023 today!

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