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Cut better game trailers after taking this GDC Masterclass

Mastering the art of making compelling game trailers takes time, energy, and artistic instinct. For those of you already honing this skill, now is the time to learn from a top-tier trailer editor like Derek Lieu.

Lieu's been cutting trailers for years on games like Spelunky 2, Firewatch, Half-Life, and Mortal Kombat. Each of his projects has accomplished the task of capturing player interest and making them more likely to buy the game. Now he wants to help you make your own great game trailers.

This Masterclass (which will run all day on December 3rd 2020) will be an eight-hour course that will help you put practical techniques into action. You'll get one-on-one time with Lieu to learn a number of creative techniques, including:

  • Learn a step-by-step process for making trailers that will make your games stand out in today's crowded market.
  • Learn the best way to highlight your game’s hook in a trailer and bring players closer to a purchase.
  • Understand what style of trailer to make based on your game's style and your marketing timeline, to achieve maximum awareness around your release.
  • Find out how to see and break down games like a trailer editor and capture artist and hone your trailer-making process.
  • Learn how to develop a sense of the most marketable aspects of your games and leverage those strengths in trailers to pique consumer interest.

The tips Lieu has to offer won't just help you in the edit bay, they'll be essential to the planning stage of your process as well. They'll help you capture better game footage, and help you anticipate player reactions before you've even released your video.

For those of you familiar with Lieu's work, he's been no stranger to educating developers about what makes a good game trailer across a number of GDC talks. This will be the first time that you'll be able to take those principles and put them into action with his guidance.

Seats are limited, so only a select few will be able to take advantage of this course. Make sure you're one of them and register today!

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