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Introducing the GDC Masterclass Program

The first-ever GDC Masterclass courses will take place on December 3 & 4, 2020, and will be comprised of day-long virtual workshops delivering in-depth trainings around some of the most important challenges facing game developers today. The live virtual courses go beyond high-level theory allowing attendees to take away practical experience that can be applied to their work immediately.

Current course topics range from creating impactful game trailers, expanding your game narrative expertise, and advancing your publisher pitching techniques. Browse through the various courses below for more details.

All courses are $999 per registrant. Space is limited so act fast to secure your spot!

Current Courses

December 3, 2020

Building an Established Studio Brand with Victoria Tran

This class is a dive into how marketers, or those wearing the marketing hat at an indie studio, can create a holistic studio brand that is well positioned and encapsulates both old and new projects.

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Leadership Skills and Practices for Agile Game Development with Clinton Keith

This class covers leadership skills and practices that have proven successful in guiding game teams and studios through an Agile adoption.

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Making Game Trailers from Concept to Completion with Derek Lieu

In this class, Derek Lieu will share his entire process – from creative direction and editing to capture and final delivery – to create a standout game trailer.

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Psychology and Game UX with Celia Hodent, PhD

This workshop delves into how the human brain works and, using those insights, proposes a UX framework and UX guidelines during the different game development stages.

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December 4, 2020

Advanced Publisher Pitching: Strategy and Pitch Optimization for Scoring Deals with Jason Della Rocca

This masterclass course will focus on pitching and scoring publishing deals for premium PC and console games.

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Creating Iconic Creatures with Jonah Lobe

In this course, Jonah Lobe will draw from years of experience to help you expand your artistic and creative potential in the realms of Character Art and beyond.

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How to Bring Story and Gameplay Together with Susan O'Connor

This day-long, hands-on workshop will help you become the writer that designers love to work with (or vice versa).

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For questions about GDC Masterclass courses, please reach out to the GDC team.



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