GDC Sponsored Sessions

Hear from leading game technology companies in sponsored sessions and Developer Days throughout the week at GDC to learn firsthand about the latest products, tools, services, and techniques. Register for an All Access, Conference, Summits, or Expo Plus pass to attend sponsored content. Contact us about sponsorship opportunities.

Featured Sponsored Sessions

Scalability for All: Unreal Engine 4 on Intel (Presented by Epic Games and Intel)

Rolando Caloca (Epic Games)
Jeff Rous (Intel Corp.)

120 Days: Bring the PUBG Mobile to Players Worldwide (Presented by Tencent Games)

Gunther Gong, Brandon Liu, Yue Wang & Shiwei Zhang
(Tencent Technology(Shenzhen) Co,Ltd)

Applying AI in Games with DeNA (Presented by Google Cloud)

Ikki Tanaka (DeNA)
Ankur Kotwal (Google Cloud)
Jun Okumura (DeNA)

Interactive Streaming and the Future of Media (Presented by Genvid Technologies)

Jacob Navok (Genvid Technologies)

WeChat Mini Games – Cultivating Value Through Creativity (Presented by WeChat Mini Games)

Shawn Zhang & Dong Liu
(WeChat Mini Games, Tencent)

Building Connected Games with Unity (Presented by Google Cloud)

Micah Baker (Google Cloud)
Brandi House (Unity)

2019 Developer Days

Attend full-day programs organized by leading technology companies to give game industry professionals the latest information on their tools. 2019 Developer Days include programs by Google, Inc., Amazon, Oculus, Khronos Group, Xsolla, Substance, Autodesk, and Unity Technologies.

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