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Building an Established Studio Brand

Instructor: Victoria Tran

December 3, 2020 | 8:00 am-4:00 pm PT

$999 | Limited Seating

Course Description

How can an independent games studio transition from the beginning stages of marketing and community into a true brand? This class is a dive into how marketers can create a holistic studio brand that is well positioned and encapsulates both old and new projects, based on one indie studio's 7-year lifetime and 10+ projects.


Intended Audience

Attendees should have already shipped a game, are in process of doing so, or have somewhat of a community around their project already and are interested in creating a brand beyond a single game.


Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to analyze and communicate your game’s value to consumers and their behaviors.
  • Define your studio's strengths and limitations, core competencies, and key success factors.
  • Create your studio’s brand image based off of game projects and values.
  • Adjust to the changes in marketing and community strategies between new and established game projects.
  • Adapt to emerging opportunities and create a brand voice.
  • Learn more about ethical marketing and social media practices.


Instructor Bio

Victoria Tran is the Communications Director at Kitfox Games, an indie studio in Montreal, Canada creating intriguing worlds like 'Boyfriend Dungeon' and 'Lucifer Within Us'. Additionally, they are publishing 'Dwarf Fortress' , 'Pupperazzi', and 'Mondo Museum' to Steam. When she is not exploring ways to create kinder game community spaces and how tech and compassion interact, she co-organizes Game & Colour MTL, a group that supports and amplifies game developers of colour in Canada.

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