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A Week of Game Programming Lessons

Learn the latest programming skills and techniques to develop games across platforms including consoles, mobile, PCs, virtual reality, and more. The demand for high production value in games continues to increase with new tools, middleware, and technical skills required to solve difficult development problems.

Advanced Graphics Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday | March 21, 2022

This one-day summit provides profession insights into the state-of-the-art graphical techniques used by some of the most visually advanced games on the planet. Summit speakers will dive deep into the technical details and optimizations that drive the graphical fidelity of their games, sharing both lessons learned as well as ideas for future directions and advancements. Attendees of the summit should be familiar with modern rendering APIs such as DirectX or Vulkan, real-time shading languages, the basics of GPU programmable pipelines, as well as common real-time graphics algorithms. Some knowledge of game engine rendering architecture is helpful but not strictly required. The summit strives to focus on vendor-neutral techniques so that each session will have the potential to benefit all engines and shaders.

Designing the Terrain System of 'Flight Simulator': Representing the Earth

Lionel Fuentes (Asobo Studio)

'Cyberpunk 2077': Bringing Light to Night City

Jakub Knapik (CD Projekt RED), Dave Yablonsky (CD Projekt RED), Voon Kent Poo (CD Projekt RED)

Real-Time Ray Tracing in 'Hitman 3'

Alessandro Dal Corso (Io Interactive)

AI Summit

Two-Day Summit | Monday and Tuesday | March 21-22, 2022

Join top game AI programmers for panels and lectures, in addition to conversations, debates, and microtalks on how game AI can move forward. The AI Summit is targeted to intermediate to advanced programmers who want deeper insight, but anyone interested in what AI can offer next-generation games will gain invaluable insights.

'Age of Empires IV': Machine Learning Trials and Tribulations

Guy Leroy (Microsoft), Sam Devlin (Microsoft), Peter Chan (Relic Entertainment), Andrea Schiel (Microsoft)

'Hide N' Seek': A Social Deduction Game Using Controllable Language Models

Suma Bailis (Google), Jane Friedhoff (Google)

AI Summit: Cities at Scale: Simulating Street Life on a Budget

Sandy MacPherson (Kythera AI)

Machine Learning Summit

One-Day Summit | Tuesday | March 22, 2022

The Machine Learning Summit will feature in-depth technical presentations to answer your most salient questions on how ML techniques can help you make better games. Discover where Machine Learning can assist developers in creating better games, while improving production and creation processes. Assess the new Machine Learning processes that can be offered to players, ranging from being able to create new, original experiences to better adapting games to players’ needs as they play.

4 Years of Bringing Characters to Life with Computer Brains

Sebastian Starke (Electronic Arts, The University of Edinburgh)

Emotion Detection for Expressive Characters in 'Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy'

Romain Trachel (Eidos Sherbrooke)

Emotional Neural Style Transfer: Expressing Character AI Emotion through Paintings

Edgar Handy (SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD)

Math in Game Development Summit

One-Day Summit | Tuesday | March 22, 2022

Creating the latest code for graphics, gameplay, animation, physical simulation, artificial intelligence, and procedural generation requires a thorough knowledge of the necessary mathematical underpinnings. The Math in Game Development Summit presents talks on a wide variety of subjects, including biased randomness, navmesh generation, floating point error, procedural generation, and wave function collapse, as well as a deeper dive into intuiting splines, dot and cross products, and quaternions.

Practical Automation: A Guide to Random Game Content Generation

Yiheng Zhou, Shuai Xu (LeoCool Games)

Deep Dive: Quaternion Springs

John Austin (Pontoco)

Visualizing Math

Shaoyong (Abel) Zhang, Chuandi Zhang (Funplus games)

Online Game Technology Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday | March 21, 2022

The Online Game Technology Summit will cover all aspects of the technical challenges that go into developing, deploying, scaling and maintaining systems that supports online, connected and multiplayer games across all game platforms. This summit will focus on production use cases and real world examples from industry professionals currently working as engineers, operations teams and related roles supporting these systems. Presentation topics include multiplayer game topologies and architectures, matchmaking, game data storage, analytics, network physics and communication, client and server side networking, infrastructure management, system scaling, operations and monitoring, security and related subjects.

'Sky's' Journey to 1MM CCU: A Cloud Native Approach To Scaling

Kunal Lanjewar (thatgamecompany)

Quasar, Brightest in the Galaxy: Expanding 'EVE Online's Server Potential with gRPC

Nicholas Herring (CCP Games)

10 Ways To Crash Your Server on Launch Day

Chris Cobb (Pragma Platform, Inc.)

Open Source Game Development Summit

One-Day Summit | Tuesday | March 22, 2022

Open Source went in the last 30 years from a curiosity to a pervasive way people build software, with many areas of software development working on technology stacks that are 100% open source. And for good reason: community collaboration has led to the situation where the highest quality library or tool for a particular purpose is usually an open source one. This one day summit seeks to help game developers benefit from building larger portions of their game with open source technologies, and deal effectively with its challenges.

'Space Station 13': Behind one of the Largest Open Source Games

Nathan Riemer (Independent)

Being Successful with Open Source in Game Development

Mark Mandel (Google Cloud), April Kyle Nassi (Google Cloud)

How to Be Successful Individual or Company Lead by Creating Oss, a Case Study From Messagepack for C#, Unirx, Unitask

Yoshifumi Kawai (Cysharp, Inc.)

Tools Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday | March 21, 2022

The Tools Summit is a deep dive into the state-of-the-art techniques and processes for building tools that enable game development teams to ship awesome games. Topics will range from usability and workflow to studio services and automated testing, and all the technology in between.

An Easy-to-Use Cutscenes Preview Tool with Low Resources

Wenjie Ou (NetEase Games AI Lab)

Efficiently Shuffling Loads of Data from Place to Place

Adrian Astley (Activision)

Ubisoft Connect: Building User-Centered Frameworks for Internal Tools

Natali Panic-Cidic (Ubisoft Düsseldorf)

Core Concepts Sessions: Programming

Wednesday-Friday | March 23-25, 2022

The learning continues Wednesday through Friday with Core Concepts presentations. Check out session highlights below.

'Knockout City's' Parallel, Deterministic, and Rewindable Entity System

Chris McEvoy (Velan Studios)

Gearing Up Millions of Armor Combinations in ‘Dauntless’

Jean-Marc Belloncik (Phoenix Labs)

One Frame in 'Halo Infinite'

Daniele Giannetti (343 Industries - Microsoft)


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