GDC 2019 welcomes a wonderful group of new Summit advisors!

Now that the call for submissions for the GDC 2019 Summits (as well as the Virtual Reality Developers Conference [VRDC] and Game Career Seminar) has gone out, we're excited to tell you more about some of the new additions to the advisory teams who help shape these programs.

As a reminder, VRDC and the GDC Summits take place the first two days of GDC 2019 (March 18th and 19th), kicking off the weeklong event at San Franciso's Moscone Convention Center, and the Game Career Seminar helps close it out on Friday, March 22nd.

Each program has its own special advisory board which evaluates submissions, and this year we're excited to welcome the following industry leaders who are joining these efforts for the first time. We also have one returning advisor, whom we're very pleased to have back:

The Making of GDC: Planning GDC 2019 (and beyond!)

[In this opening blog, Game Developers Conference GDC GM Katie Stern discusses what's been going on since GDC ended in March, and sets the stage for a series of blogs going behind the scenes on how we put the event together.]

Come to XRDC for a postmortem look at the making of Beat Saber!

Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of Beat Games' Beat Saber? Then you'll want to be at XRDC in San Francisco this October, because studio cofounder Jaroslav Beck will be there serving up fresh insights into the development of this remarkably popular VR rhythm game!

XRDC speaker Q&A: IBM's Reena Ganga on using AR to analyze data

At XRDC this year, IBM AR designers Reena Ganga and Jenna Goldberg will be presenting a talk on the company's work in data visualization in augmented reality. As many companies seek to parse the reams and reams of data and metrics they're relying on to improve their processes on a daily basis, Ganga and Goldberg will be showing off how they can use new visualization methods to help interpret and make use of that data.

Learn to design AR experiences for unpredictable spaces at XRDC

Organizers of XRDC, the premier AR/VR/MR innovation event, are happy to announce that Google will be presenting a talk at the October conference that will give you an inside track on designing augmented reality experiences that fit perfectly with the ever-changing hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

The XRDC Innovation track talk, titled "Designing for Unpredictable Experience Sizes in AR", will be presented by Google user experience designer Alesha Unpingco and promises to equip you with design techniques you can use when creating augmented reality content that reacts and adapts to different environment sizes.

At XRDC, see how Unity bridges the gap between AR design & engineering

As XRDC draws closer, we're excited today to announce another cuting-edge talk for this premier AR/VR/MR innovation event that promises key insights into how teams can better bride the gap between designing augmented reality experiences and engineering them.

Titled "Reasoning APIs: How to Translate AR Between Engineering and Design", this XRDC Innovation track talk will see Unity perceptual engineer Andrew Maneri revealing how the company has been researching a solution they call "reasoning APIs". These "reasoning APIs" are a new AR technique: equal parts coding, puzzle solving, and adventure-game-style ingredient substitution.




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