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XRDC speaker Q&A: Ginny Willis on how athletes are training in VR

We've talked a lot on this blog about how VR is helping game-makers and medical experts make better experiences for the future. But can VR be better used to train people like athletes and employees?

Ginny Willis believes so. She and her colleague Rosstin Murphy of STRIVR will be taking the stage at XRDC 2018 to discuss how they're developing software that helps athletes and other specialized fields better train themselves using virtual reality. 

For a preview of her upcoming talk, we reached out to Willis for a quick chat about making VR content for training purposes, which you can now read below. 

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Tell us about yourself and your work in VR/AR/MR.
I'm a Product Manager at STRIVR. I'm focused on STRIVR's Products for creating VR Content - for internal and external users both in sports and enterprise. 

Without spoiling it too much, tell us what you’ll be talking about at XRDC.
Rosstin and I will be talking about best practices that we've learned in creation of VR content for training purposes - what works, what doesn't, mistakes along the way, etc. 

What excites you most about AR/VR/MR?
The positive impact it can have in people's lives. We see our trainees excited to train - when was the last time anyone was excited for mandated training? Beyond our use case, VR, AR and MR all have the ability to better so many pieces of our daily lives, each in their own capacity. Those changes are really exciting to be a part of. 

Who would you like to meet at XRDC?
This is my first year attending so I'm looking forward to meeting other people who are excited about this technology. 

What have you learned about your design process going from making VR software for general use to making VR software that has a specific end-user in mind?
We've had an end-user in mind throughout our design process. The picture of that user has become much clearer over time and that has allowed us to narrow in our focus, making more accurate decisions.

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