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Walk through the history of game development tools at GDC Showcase

If there’s one thing that fuels David Lightbown’s passion for game development, it’s tools, tools, tools. The Ubisoft User Experience Director has been one of the industry’s champions for better understanding the tools used to make games, even writing a book on the subject titled Designing the UX of Game Development Tools.

At GDC Showcase, you can join in on Lightbown’s passion for the trade of toolmaking as he presents a look back at the tools created at companies like id Software, Epic Games, and more! Lightbown’s talk will take place at 10:05 AM on Friday March 19th, an excellent session to kick off the final day of GDC Showcase.

Whether you build game development tools yourself, or want to better understand the tools you use in your everyday life, you don’t want to miss Lightbown’s presentation.

You’ll be learning from someone who’s taken the time to break down the most groundbreaking tools in game development’s past to build a better game development future.

Sign up today for GDC Showcase and get ready for Lightbown’s excellent talk!

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