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Top GDC Tutorial Picks

I'm sure you're all scrambling to get your registrations in before the early registration deadline (tonight) - thought it might help to provide a few tutorial suggestions. Just in case you can't decide on what to pick to associate with your are few of the top rated tutorials:
Audio Boot Camp
Audio for games and other interactive entertainment has grown far beyond simple mash-ups of technical concepts with linear audio design techniques. Today's games require responsive and dynamic musical scores; ambiences, sound effects, and dialog that respond to player actions; immersive and accurate player-surrounding soundscapes; not to mention AI driven dynamic control of the overall mix.
Microsoft Game Developer Day
Topics include: Games for Windows - LIVE – Just the Facts, Getting More from Multicore, Xbox 360 XDK Update, Performance Tools Update, The Evolving Windows Gaming Platform, DirectX Futures.
XNA Game Studio Developer Day
Topics include: Advanced Debugging with XNA Game Studio 2.0, CLR Performance on Windows and Xbox 360, Understanding XNA Framework Performance, Networking with XNA Game Studio 2.0, Extending the Content Pipeline in XNA Game Studio 2.0, Xbox LIVE Arcade Extensions for XNA Game Studio 2.0.
Physics for Game Programmers
This lecture continues the tradition of the "Math For Game Programmers" and "Essential Math" tutorials and deepens it, by focusing in on the topic of physical simulation. Particular attention will be given to dynamics, numerical robustness, collision, and destruction.
Core Techniques and Algorithms in Shader Programming
This tutorial presents techniques that are used in leading games. It covers the currently most important global illumination models, probability-based shadow mapping methods that will ship soon in several games, a real-time grass approach that has proven to be useful on multi-core CPU/SPUs, a new data structure to store texture maps and a flexible material system.
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