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Revisit two essential Classic Game Postmortems at GDC Showcase

One extra-special element of GDC Showcase is that for a number of discussion sessions, we’re going to be rebroadcasting a number of classic GDC talks you can find in the GDC Vault and YouTube channel.

But to make sure your experience at GDC Showcase is second to none, we’re including a rare opportunity with these talks to ask questions of the speakers while the talk is ongoing.

At each of these discussion sessions, the speaker who originally gave the talk will be joining you in Swapcard chat, answering your questions and updating their presentations with new anecdotes they’ve picked up in the intervening years.

Among these sessions include two excellent classic game postmortems: Ms. Pac-Man, presented by Steve Golson, and Deus Ex, presented by Warren Spector. Both developers will be in chat, sharing stories from the making of both games in tandem with their presentations.

If you’ve wanted to quiz either developer about what it was like working on these classic, essential games, now’s your chance! Register for GDC Showcase today and don’t miss out on the conversation.

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