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October's GDC China is the Only Game Development Conference Approved by MOC

[In her latest Bosslady Blog update, Game Developers Conference China event director Meggan Scavio discusses some of the recent news pertaining to GDC China 2009.]
Yesterday, the Ministry of Culture (MOC) formally issued a notification to regulate animation, comics and game tradeshows/conferences. As of today, the Game Developers Conference China (GDC China), to be held October 11-13 2009 in Shanghai, is the only game development conference approved by the Ministry of Culture.
We've been working closely with the MOC over the last 9 months towards what we both see as a long-term partnership. The GDC China team, along with UBM CEO, David Levin, met in person with the Minister just last week. The MOC minister expressed excitement over a mutually beneficial future between China and the Game Developers Conference (GDC). In addition, the launch of the first ever Independent Games Festival (IGF) in China mirrors a mission of the MOC--to showcase the talent and craft of the Chinese game development community. The MOC recognize our commitment to the local developers and share our desire to create an environment in which studios participate in a voluntary and meaningful manner.
Read the Official Press Release on the Minisistry of Culture's new Policy as well as GDC China's Official Endorsement
GDC China has a few more unannounced surprises so keep a lookout here for updates!

The translation is as follows:
In order to change the current situation that excessive animation, comics and game exhibitions and trading activities are held over the nation (include festival, competition, forum, etc. hereinafter called A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities) and to ensure healthy development of Chinese A.C.G. industry, The Ministry of Culture recently has issued Notification on Management of A.C.G. Exhibitions and Trading Activities.
The notification specifies the approval procedure for A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities. Foreign and international A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities shall be initially approved by provincial culture administration authorities and finally by the Ministry of Culture; other A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities shall be reported to provincial administration authorities for archiving. Foreign and international A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities held by central state organs, provincial governments and the units directly under the Ministry of Culture shall be directly reported to the Ministry of Culture for approval by the host unit. Foreign and international A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities held by the units directly under central state organs shall be directly reported to the Ministry of Culture for approval by the host unit.
It is pointed out in the notification that A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities held by government shall be strictly controlled and streamlined; the fundamental role of market in resource allocation shall be fully played; unnecessary administrative intervention shall be reduced. The scale and expense of activities held by government must be strictly controlled in the spirit of frugality and efficiency; the government shall not compel enterprise to participate; the scale and content of A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities shall be in accordance with the function and aptitude of the host; major support shall be given to the innovative and excellent animation or game products that have large influence on the industry and good social demonstration effects; major brand of A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities shall be established; “China” ,”International” and “National” shall not be adopted in the name of general and local A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities.
The recent years have witnessed rapid development of the Chinese A.C.G. industry. A.C.G. exhibitions and trading activities are held in many regions of China, which accelerates the growth of the industry. But recently excessive activities add burden to enterprises and waste resources. In some places, foreign groups and individuals are invited without approval; what’s worse, some products displayed contain illegal contents, violating the regulations and jeopardizing the development.
It is also required in the notification that culture administration authorities shall enhance supervision on A.C.G. exhibitions, products and activities. The products that contain illegal and vulgar contents such as pornography and violence shall be eliminated and punished according to law. Culture administration authorities and market enforcement shall stop and punish according to law the A.C.G. exhibition and trading activities that have not been approved by culture administration authorities.
[Meggan and her colleagues will be posting regular news updates from behind the scenes of GDC China, including content reveals and other helpful information. You can subscribe individually to the GDC News blog via its RSS feed.]

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