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Learn to Better Engage Players with Matchmaking and Ranking in This GDC Masterclass

Players expect high-quality matchmaking and ranking in competitive multiplayer games, and this GDC Masterclass from Josh Menke is all about helping designers master this crucial part of PvP gaming.

"I think a lot of the value comes from not just learning best practices in skill, matchmaking, and ranking, but also getting a more holistic view of the entire area of design and how to create great experiences for players," Josh told GDC. 

Engagement Using Matchmaking and Ranking in Competitive Multiplayer Games is a two-day course from Riot Games' principal designer Josh Menke—who's spent almost two decades designing skill, matchmaking, and ranking systems for games like League of Legends: Wild Rift, Halo, and Call of Duty.

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to engage players with matchmaking—a process that requires correctly balancing a player's perception of playability, fairness, latency, wait time, and other variables for each activity a game provides. Using state-of-the-art matchmaking and skill systems like TrueSkill2 and TrueMatch, Josh helps attendees accurately find a player's skill, best practices for ranking players, and much more. New and returning attendees can expect valuable lessons and takeaways from the virtual course.

"With each new iteration I'm able to add new insight based on ongoing experiences in the field, as well as learnings from others who also work on similar problems," Josh said.

GDC Masterclass delivers high-level training with industry experts in several game development fields. One of the Game Developers Conference's unique professional offerings, Masterclass is comprised of small-group workshops that deliver in-depth, hands-on training from top professionals in video game development—addressing some of the most important challenges facing developers today. 

Join the hundreds of satisfied attendees who've thrived after taking a Masterclass game developer course. Learn the latest tools and concepts to become a leader in your field (from the comfort of your home or office), discover networking opportunities with fellow attendees, and gain access to unique course materials to continue your education and training. 

Josh Menke's course teaches the latest in matchmaking and ranking for game developers, studios, and those interested in competitive multiplayer games. Head to GDC Masterclass for more information on Josh's course. Early Pricing is available through October 6, and discounts are available for groups of three or more who register together! Go here to register now.

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