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It's the Final Day of Our All-Online GDC Showcase!

We've reached the final day of our 2023 GDC Showcase event. Three days of incredible content and connections continue with a day dedicated to roundtables and networking.

The online event starts at 7:00am PT today (10:00am ET, 3:00pm GMT). If you're still building your schedule, head to our full schedule here to see everything we've got going on at GDC Showcase today.

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There are two networking sessions happening today, at 7:00am PT (10:00am ET, 3:00pm GMT) and 3:10pm PT (6:10pm ET). Make sure to join us on our exclusive networking platform (through Gather) to build connections... and have some fun!

In addition, here are a few roundtables you shouldn't miss out on as you continue your week. They will be conducted over Zoom, with links provided for GDC Showcase attendees through Swapcard—with a few of them being offered twice to accommodate different timezones.  

Effective Feedback & Critique Roundtable with Jeff Hesser

Time: 8:00am - 9:00am PT and 1:00pm - 2:00pm PT

Description: The Effective Feedback and Critique roundtables invite artists at all levels and from all disciplines to discuss the challenge of critiquing each other's work. What are the challenges you've faced when giving or receiving feedback within your team? What strategies have you discovered that work? What are the unique perspectives your discipline can offer other artists and non-artists? In these discussions, you'll be able to share methods, strategies and activities that have worked. You'll also be exposed to ideas for giving and receiving feedback from multiple perspectives.

The Quest for Gaming IP Roundtable with Nika Nour: Is the Industry Entering its Golden Age?

Time: 9:10am - 10:10am PT

Description: Internet, games, and entertainment are at the epicenter of all stories and the intellectual property landscape has evolved throughout the years. With brands, franchises, and beloved characters evolving, is gaming entering the "Golden Age of IP?" lt's easier for fans to offer “robust,” real-time feedback on entertainment content, demanding returns, new characters, old characters, statements of support, cancellations, etc. How far do we want to go into giving audiences and other industries the keys to the IP kingdom?

GDC Submission Q&A with Kimberly Voll

Time: 10:20am - 11:20am PT

Description: In this session, esteemed game developer and GDC Advisory Board member, Kimberly Voll, will share best practices for crafting and submitting a talk proposal to the Game Developers Conference. She’ll provide insight into the process, talk about what advisors look for in proposals and open the floor to answer questions from the audience. This is a must-attend session for anyone looking to create a standout proposal and interested in submitting to speak at the Game Developers Conference! 

Note: This session will be recorded and available to watch on demand while the GDC Showcase platform is open through July 14th.

GDC Showcase for All: A Pride Discussion

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm PT

Description: Join the Gay Gaming Pros (GGP) team in a roundtable discussion on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We'll be discussing the ways we celebrate pride at work, in our games, and in our personal lives as well as how to keep the spirit of pride present year round. We'll talk about issues we all face and opportunities that are ours to seize.

Hot Desks to Sweatpants: Hybrid Work Roundtable with Jessica Damerst

Time: 3:10pm - 4:10pm

Description: What does it take to build and nurture a hybrid working environment? What are the challenges of working and coordinating teams remotely? What infrastructure can provide secure yet powerful development environments for employees in the office and abroad? What are the challenges to hiring for and leading a hybrid team?

During the pandemic, teams switched to working together remotely. As employees return to work, many companies are exploring a hybrid office, allowing for on-site and remote work. With globalization leading to faster and more reliable access to internet, hybrid development environments are become more feasible with each passing year. Yet they present their own unique challenges.

Engage with other industry professionals on the topic of hybrid working arrangements—including hiring, team leadership, office spaces, company events, IT solutions, and more. Challenge the status quo of working a 9-to-5 office job with collaborative and innovative problem solving.

Thank you for joining us for GDC Showcase, an online event June 27-29 dedicated to bringing 3 days of great content and networking to the global game dev community. We can't wait to see you at GDC 2024!

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The all-virtual GDC Showcase is happening this June 27-29! For more information, be sure to visit our website and follow the #GDCShowcase hashtag on social media.

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