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IGF 2011 Audience Award Closes This Week, D2D Vision Award Finalists Revealed

Voting for the Independent Games Festival's 2011 Audience Award closes this week, so members of the public and the indie game community need to head over to the official IGF Audience Award website and cast votes before Friday, February 18 at midnight PST.

To be part of this year's vote, simply visit the IGF Audience Award page and download any of the games that are currently publicly available (each game has been marked to show whether there's a version for you to purchase or otherwise download). When you've made up your mind, return to vote for your favorite.

Organizers of the IGF are allowing voters to cast their ballot for any game chosen as a finalist in the festival, as opposed to just those with public PC demos, as in previous years.

After voting and inputting your email address, you'll need to verify your vote by clicking on a link sent to that email. Go check out the website now and start making your way through the games!

Alongside this reminder, IGN's Direct2Drive digital game store -- the Official Download Partner for this year's Independent Games Festival -- announced the Direct2Drive Vision Award finalists from among IGF entrants.

Nominees for this year's Direct2Drive Vision award include:

- Flotilla - An intriguing, slow-motion tactical space combat game from Blendo Games.

- Confetti Carnival - A puzzle action title where gamers earn style points for smashing and blowing up colorful gummy creatures into confetti bombs, created by SpikySnail Games.

- Hazard: The Journey for Life - A philosophical first-person puzzle game that is as much about exploring abstract schools of thought as it is about gameplay, from Alexander Bruce's Demruth.

- NightSky - Originally a finalist from Nicalis at IGF 2009, then called Night Game, this evocative update tasks gamers with navigating a curious crystal ball through challenging yet serene silhouetted environments.

- Amnesia: The Dark Descent - A first person survival horror game from Frictional Games, the creators of the renowned indie hit Penumbra.

The Direct2Drive Vision Award winner will receive $10,000, distribution on Direct2Drive's digital download site, and a tech licensing deal with GameSpy Technologies, to be awarded at this year's Game Developers Conference, taking place in San Francisco from February 28-March 4.

On March 2, indie game developers from IGN's Indie Open House will present the Vision Award to the winner at the 13th Annual IGF Awards Show.


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