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IGF 2022 Is Calling for New Judges

It's time to make history. Applications are now open for judges in the 2022 Independent Games Festival Awards. 

Game Developers Conference is excited to be returning to San Francisco for GDC 2022, which will be an in-person and online event at the Moscone Convention Center from March 21-25, 2022. One of the highlights of the conference is the 24th annual Independent Games Festival (IGF)—the longest-running festival, summit, and showcase celebrating independent games and their creators.

IGF is looking for journalists, academics, and game developers who are not submitting a game to this year's festival to be part of the judging body for the 2022 IGF Awards. If this sounds like you, head here to fill out an application. We're also welcoming interest in jury participation. Jury members are a small, select group of industry experts who make the honorable mention, finalist and winner selections. Keep in mind that anyone who was a judge for the 2021 IGF Awards and rated at least one game will be automatically invited back and does not need to submit an application. 

The deadline to apply is September 29, 2021. Please note that we can't guarantee all applications will be accepted: If you've been selected, you will receive an email when the judging process begins. 

If you can't be at GDC 2022 in person, you're welcome to enjoy the awards livestreamed on the official GDC Twitch channel Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

More information on the Independent Games Festival and GDC 2022 can be found on the website. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at chairperson (at) We look forward to welcoming new judges for IGF 2022!

GDC 2022 is seeking submissions for GDC Summits, Game Career Seminar, and Masterclass. Core Concepts submissions are closed, but if you're interested sending in a late proposal for consideration you can head here for GDC contact information.

For more information on GDC 2022 visit the show’s official website, and be sure to subscribe to regular updates via FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and RSS.

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