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Here's How GDC 2024 Is Working to Improve Its Environmental and Social Impact

GDC 2024 is committed to having a positive social and environmental impact on the game industry, the city of San Francisco, and the larger global community. Here's how.

For years, the GDC team has taken steps to make sure it's creating a safe space for all and supporting underrepresented voices in the industry through a variety of programs and partnerships. GDC is likewise committed to reducing the event's carbon footprint and bringing attention to climate change issues to produce a more sustainable event

This year, we are proud of our commitment to having a positive environmental and social impact on the communities and industries we work within, and have taken the following steps to achieve these goals during this year's event.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Supporting Social Advocacy: Attendees can expect access to a diverse array of talks aimed at supporting aspiring game devs and highlighting broader issues of social advocacy in the game industry. This includes the highly anticipated return of #1ReasonToBe, along with The Black Designers' Dilemma, Building Cognitive Accessibility Into Your Games, and Leaving 'Arabistan': A Collaborative Approach to Representing Muslims and the MENA. Head to our Session Viewer for more.
  • Pronoun Tags and Gender-Neutral Bathrooms: GDC supports the flourishing diversity in our community, and do our best to create a space to reflect that. As such, when arriving to pick up event badges for GDC attendees will be given the option to pick up pronoun tags as well. In addition, gender-neutral bathrooms will be available during the conference, and their locations will be marked for attendees.
  • Invisible Disability stickers: GDC will have Yellow Sunflower stickers available at all of our info booths (in the North, West, and South Halls). Attendees can request one if they have any type of non-visible disability that may require extra help from staff or security. Attendees are welcome to wear the sticker on their shirt, badge, or wherever they feel comfortable displaying it. 
  • Comfort Level stickers: GDC is providing social distancing stickers so attendees can share their comfort level with fist bumps, handshakes, hugs, and more.
  • Prayer Room: Attendees can access a Prayer Room with a quiet space for prayer onsite. The room location is South 305 and will be open and available for use during conference hours, Monday through Friday. Head here for hours.
  • Lactation Spaces: Mamava nursing pods will be located on the Moscone South Lower Mezzanine next to Room 50. One of the pods is ADA-accessible. We also have (1) Mamava nursing pod on Level 2 of Moscone West by Room 2024. Head here to download the access app. 
  • Childcare: GDC has partnered with KiddieCorp to provide on-site childcare for parents and guardians who would not otherwise be able to attend GDC. The childcare team is racially/ethnically diverse, gender-mixed, and age-diverse, with team members that are able to comfort even the most hesitant children and help them enjoy their time with us.
  • Accessible Seating: GDC 2024 has accessible seating for every conference session for those with visual and audio impairments.
  • Closed Captioning Accessibility Improvements: GDC will have live closed captioning during Main Stage and the awards—attendees can scan our QR code at the entrance for access. GDC also provides closed captioning in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese) for many of our sessions available on-demand through GDC Vault.
  • Purposeful Partnerships: As part of our commitment to the sustainable development of the game industry and its wider impact, each year we have over 20 partnerships with organizations like Girls Make Games, I Need Diverse Games, Game Devs of Color, and Gay Game Industry Professionals. GDC provides hundreds of GDC 2024 scholarships so these partners could continue their work shaping the future of the industry by providing opportunities to and amplifying the work of game developers from underrepresented communities.
  • Indie Giving Hygiene Drive: GDC has partnered with Indie Giving for their Hygiene Drive, located in the South Hall throughout the week of GDC. Attendees are asked to bring donations of unused hygiene products, which Compass Family Services puts together into care packages for families in need. More information can be found here


  • Renewable Energy Commitment: The Game Developers Conference is powered by renewable energy, which is a step towards attaining our goal of Net Zero. Energy efficient lighting and equipment will be used throughout the event.
  • Complimentary Bike Valet: GDC has partnered with San Francisco Bike Coalition to provide a complimentary Bike Valet service for GDC attendees. It will be located at Paseo Alleyway off 3rd Street between Howard and Folsom. 
  • City Bike Share Discount: GDC has partnered with the City Bike Share program to offer each attendee a $5 credit for classic bike and e-bike rentals during the week of GDC (March 18-22). The code is GDC2024 and can be redeemed in the Lyft app or Bay Wheels app under Rewards
  • No Aisle Carpet: While the bulk of aisle carpet does get returned to inventory for reuse, it’s inevitable that some makes its way to landfill. Additionally, the carpet that is returned to inventory is professionally cleaned, usually with petroleum-based solutions, and emissions are exhausted from the trucks that transport the carpet to and from the warehouse to show site. As part of GDC's commitment to achieving a net zero carbon event, this move is one step in that direction.
  • Digital Tote Bags and Guides: GDC has switched to digital event guides to reduce paper use. In addition, the contents of a normal GDC promotional tote bag have been recreated in an exclusively digital format for both in-person and virtual attendees.
  • Sustainability Lounge: Attendees are encouraged to visit our new Sustainability Lounge at S363, where attendees can learn more about sustainability measures and meet our first ever sustainability partners: WeMade, Gala Games, and Freeman.
  • Supporting Climate Resilience: GDC 2024 is hosting a variety of talks about climate issues and sustainability, including Concrete Climate Action in the Games Industry: What Should Your Studio Do Today?Building a Climate Resilient Games Industry Roundtable, and Educators Summit: Prototyping Afrofuturism, Abolitionism, and Climate Justice Through Games EducationHead to our Session Viewer for more. 
  • Climate Crisis Workshop: The full-day Advocacy workshop Climate Crisis Workshop: Use Your Game Developer Superpowers to Fight The Climate Crisis returns on Tuesday, March 19 from 10:00am to 6:00pm, available for all pass holders
  • Badge and Lanyard Recycling: At the end of the event, attendees are asked to drop off their badges at registration, as GDC provides recycling for the full badge and lanyard. There will be bins for drop-off in the South Upper Lobby and West Level 1 Lobby, which will be indicated by signage.

These efforts are ongoing and evolving; we are committed to actively deepening our relationships and support. We hope you’ll join us in our goal of having a positive environmental and social impact on both the communities and industries we work within.

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