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GDC Vault Adds Free Game Narrative, 3D Stereoscopic-Themed GDC Online Videos

The GDC Vault service has debuted new Summit-related video talks from October's GDC Online event in Austin, Texas, including a Game Narrative Summit talk from comic and video game writer Antony Johnston, as well as a 3D Stereoscopic Game Summit talk on the history and future of 3D in games.

Following the successful developer and business event that ran in Texas early last month, organizers of the Game Developers Conference series of events are making specially recorded versions of the talks available for free -- while also archiving all of the GDC Online content in video form for future use.

This process started in October with the debut of almost 90 recordings for GDC All-Access Pass holders and other subscribers, plus Brian Reynolds' keynote on lessons from Zynga's Frontierville, and Richard Bartle's acclaimed talk on the history of the Multi-User Dungeon (MUD).

Alongside other free content from GDC Online presenters, the two freshly added free GDC Online video lectures are:

- Experienced comics writer Antony Johnston (Daredevil, Wolverine, Wasteland), who also has experience writing games for EA and Sega, discussed how games can learn from comics in terms of writing and narrative in 'From Comics To Consoles'.

Along the way, British native Johnston, who was well-rated by Summit attendees for his wit and insight, focused on "the similarities and differences between comics and games, the effect of transmedia on both media, and what games writers can learn from studying -- and writing -- comics."

- In addition, Neil Schneider, executive director of The S-3D Gaming Alliance, presented 'The Past, Present And Future Of 3D Gaming' at the 3D Stereoscopic Game Summit, explaining how modern stereoscopic 3D gaming -- perhaps about to flourish, thanks to console and Nintendo 3DS advancements -- came to be.

In the succinct, retrospective and future-thinking review, Schneider looked at the space's challenges and myths, technical issues that have been tackled, and presented some of the latest consumer research data on acceptance from gamers for stereoscopic 3D both now and in the future.

[UPDATE: In addition, the GDC Online 2010 videos section has added free video talks from Sony's PlayStation Home developer day, including the creator of LocoRoco Tsutomu Kouno, and from IGN/GameSpy's developer day, including the creators of Civilization V on their game modding tech.]

In addition to these lectures, GDC Vault's free videos section includes GDC 2010 lectures from Zynga, Ernest Adams, and NCsoft, plus highly rated lectures featuring 2D Boy's Ron Carmel and Bungie's Brian Sharp, and recently added GDC Europe talks from Guild Wars 2 and others.

The free recordings available are a fraction of the content currently being flowed into the GDC Vault, part of the UBM TechWeb Game Network, as is this website. The content repository has recently added several new features, and it's now easier to navigate through the free section of the site, with video, audio and slides more clearly split with browsing and searching.

Full GDC Vault access, including synchronized video recordings for over 200 of GDC 2010's sessions, 65 talks from GDC Europe, almost 90 GDC Online talks, and hundreds of historical video and audio recordings, is available to GDC 2010 All-Access Pass holders -- as well as All-Access Pass holders for other GDC events during the year. Similar recording sessions are planned for December's GDC China and next February's GDC 2011 in San Francisco.

Individual Vault subscriptions not tied to All-Access passes have just launched in a limited-edition Beta invite process -- those interested in signing up to be invited in on a first come, first served basis should sign up on the GDC Vault website.

In addition, game-related schools and development studios who sign up for GDC Vault Studio Subscriptions can receive access for their entire office or company. More information on this option is available by contacting Suzanne Cunningham or viewing an online demonstration.

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