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GDC Online 2010: Announcements, Coverage: Pt.1

Game Developer Conference's sister website is in Austin, Texas all this week covering GDC Online, with a host of lectures on online games, iPhone/iPad and related product announcements already written up for the lead video game art and business website - and here's all the stories posted so far.

The Austin, Texas based conference -- formerly known as GDC Austin -- is sharply focused on the development of online games, and there are now more than 120 panels, lectures and tutorials taking place during the October 5th-8th event, with almost 90 companies on the show floor.

The highlights of content at GDC Online thus far, written up by Gamasutra editors from session coverage and official releases, include:

Session Coverage

- Bungie's Staten On Building Worlds, Not Words
"At GDC Online, Bungie's Joe Staten said that to create meaningful stories within a massive universe like Halo's, it's important to build worlds first -- and not to be "that guy" fixated on large and uncompromising narrative."

- LoroRoco's Kuomo Talks Making Of PSHome Loco Island
"Talking at GDC Online on Wednesday, Sony Japan Studios creative director Tsutomu Kuono (LocoRoco) discussed his history in the biz and the making of Loco Island for the PlayStation Home online world service."

- Improving Game Stories With Concise Writing, More Writer Input
"In a GDC Online talk today, comics and games writer Antony Johnston argued that our medium would benefit from more concise stories and more input from writers throughout the development process."

- Game Makers Need To Adapt To New Markets Or Die
"As the industry moves rapidly towards online-based business models like cloud gaming, digital distribution and social gaming, game designers and executives need to adapt or die, a panel of industry executives said today."

- Making Puzzles And Writing Work Together
"Singapore MIT GAMBIT Game Lab's Clara Fernandez Vara says puzzles are a key component in integrating story and game design -- and at GDC Online, she illuminates the key "player contract", and important dos and don'ts."

- Surprising Lessons From Rock Band's Story
"At GDC Online's Narrative Summit, Harmonix's Helen McWilliams explained why the Rock Band series requires story, even in subtle hints, after earlier Harmonix titles 'just didn't connect with the public.'"

- Research Finds Glasses, Misinformation Biggest Challenges For 3D
"At GDC Online, research firm Interpret presented 3D technology research -- and found that not only are audiences price-resistant and glasses-averse, but they're also plain wrong about a lot of 3D facts."

- Firaxis Talks Modding For Civilization V
"Talking at GDC Online on Tuesday, a Firaxis duo discussed the complex modding tools for the just-launched Civilization V, explaining why "no amount of top-down marketing" can match community enthusiasm."

News Announcements

- Trinigy On 'Very Saturated' Mobile, Casual Reaching 'Balance' With Core
"Trinigy tells us providing a modular, middleware helps it address a broad spectrum -- but says "there is always going to be a market" for core console development, even as social and mobile gaming grows."

- Offerpal Rebrands Itself As Tapjoy With Mobile Focus
"Offerpal Media, mostly known for its offer-based ads in social games, changed its name to Tapjoy, a rebranding meant to reflect its increased focus in mobile app distribution and ad monetization."

- Hi5 Debuts SocioPath Social Gaming Platform
"Social network Hi5 announced its beta launch for SocioPath, which it describes as "a next generation social gaming platform" designed with viral audience acquisition in mind."

- Spoon Launches New Cloud Gaming Service"Seattle-based developer Spoon announced the launch of its free cloud gaming service, currently featuring titles from both independent studios and major publishers like Namco Networks America."

GDC Online

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