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GDC Bosslady Blog: Alumni Alert!

[In her latest Bosslady Blog update, Game Developers Conference event director Meggan Scavio makes her debut post of the 2010 GDC season to remind 2008 and 2009 GDC attendees to sign up for their discounted pass before December 22nd.] Yesterday, Chris Charla from Foundation 9 changed his Facebook status update to read “Only 83 days till GDC!!” After they revived me with smelling salts (who knew we kept those in the office?), I wobbled to my desk and got started on this blog post. Yes, Game Developers Conference 2010 is less than 3 months away, but there is another deadline quickly approaching and that is December 22nd -- the Alumni deadline. If you paid for any GDC pass over the last two years (2008 or 2009), you qualify for the biggest discount we offer. If you buy your GDC pass by Tuesday, you’ll save 40% off an All Access pass and 50% off a Main Conference pass. Without trying to sound like a car salesman, it doesn’t get any better than this, people. At that point, you can just sit back, relax and watch all the impressive session content magically appear on the new GDC Scheduler app, knowing that the only thing left for you to do is show up. Well, that and reserve all your travel, book meetings, create and print your daily schedule, figure out where the parties are and how to get invited to them, and break in those new shoes. Other than that, you’ll be set! If you attended GDC last year or the year before, you should have received an Alumni registration invitation via email. If you haven’t, but think you should have, contact the GDC 2010 Registration team via the official 'Contact Us' site form. Hurry, December 22nd is this coming Tuesday.


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