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GDC 2011 Organizers Debut GD-Bot, 'Golden' Giveaway

Game Developers Conference 2011 organizers have sent out their special mail reminder for early registration for this year's GDC in San Francisco, which closes on January 24th, in the form of a special papercraft 'GD-Bot'.

Mailed to thousands of prospective GDC attendees in special packaging, the specially perforated paper sections, graphic designed by Stephanie Tang and papercraft-ized by, can be assembled into our friendly Game Developers Conference-themed robot.

And there's another potential bonus, as organizers explain: "For the 25th edition of GDC, we've unleashed an army of GD-Bots to take over desks around the world.

Be sure to keep an eye out for one of our limited edition golden GD-Bots, which includes a special promotion code that takes up to 100% off of a GDC conference pass!"

In fact, assembled GD-Bot pictures already appearing on Twitter, and Game Developers Conference organizers will also be rewarding a free GDC 2011 All-Access Pass in a separate contest.

This prize goes to anyone who uploads the most creative picture of his or her GD-Bot in an unexpected or interesting context, and links to it on Twitter with the #gdbot hash tag.

A picture of an assembled GD-Bot posed by GDC staff is as follows, for construction reference purposes:


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