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The GDC Podcast is going live at GDC Showcase!

The GDC Podcast, hosted by Gamasutra editor-in-chief Kris Graft, is returning for another live episode at GDC Showcase! This time they'll be featuring guests such as Soren and Layla Johnson, lead designer and CEO of Mohawk Games.

You might know Soren Johnson as a longtime friend of GDC who’s worked on games like Civilization IV, Offworld Trading Colony, and now Mohawk Games’ Early Access title Old World.

He and Leyla Johnson, Mohawk Games’ CEO and head writer, will be jumping in on the GDC Podcast to discuss how their studio transformed its culture for the better, growing a game's community, and strategy game design.

Don’t miss this live conversation that will be taking place during GDC Showcase, our free digital event running from March 15th-19th. Get your tickets today!

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