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Diamond Partner Q&A: Xsolla's Alexander Menshikov on the art of studio building

At GDC 2019, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with an array of sponsors who help fuel the games industry, including our Diamond Partners, whose support plays an integral role to the success of GDC.

During this year's show, game developers looking to acquire new users and build sources of game revenue should know that Xsolla will be on hand to help source solutions for these common challenges! To learn more about what the company is offering at the show, we reached out to Xsolla's Alexander Menshikov for a quick Q&A which you can now read below. 

Could you please introduce yourself and your role at Xsolla? 

I’m Alexander Menshikov, Vice President of Monetization at Xsolla. I work with our product teams on new developments in tech, particularly those that work to capture traffic and help convert it into new users. I also advise on the building and implementation of new product features, tools, and services that can help our partners to maximize their game revenue.

What are some of the most unique monetization strategies you’ve seen developers execute with Xsolla in the last year? 

With the proliferation of new marketplaces in the industry - for example, the Epic Games Store - we’ve recognized the monetization potential that comes with enabling our partners to build their own following and become their own destinations for gaming content. Our partners can sell game keys directly to players from their own websites and mount their own pre-order campaigns, which fills an especially important gap for budding developers who need a way to transition from crowdfunding to the next phase in their sales strategy. We’re especially excited about some of our recent developments that let our partners cultivate their own communities from the ground up and direct their own marketing campaigns to drive greater user acquisition.

How is Xsolla helping developers enter new markets as the game industry continues to grow more and more global?

To us, the key to capturing users in new global markets - or even to capture new users in existing global markets - is to continually evolve and expand our partners’ ability to sell. We’re always working on improving our global payments coverage to include new and emerging payment methods, and working to deliver a more localized checkout UI that makes it even easier for users around the world to finalize their purchases. We also perform data analysis on new markets and consult with partners targeting those markets to find the best ways in.

What kinds of questions should game developers come to Xsolla’s booth with at GDC 2019?

Developers should come to our booth with an idea of who they really want to be - more than just developing game content, but truly becoming their own studio in every sense of the word - and we’ll show them how to leverage our tools and services as an organic extension of their infrastructure to do just that. They can do it all, from performing their own multi-platform key distribution, to building their own conversion-optimized landing pages and in-game stores, to partnering with influencers and affiliate networks through revenue-sharing programs -- all with the most robust payments coverage in the industry.

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