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Check Out These Fantastic GDC 2022 Highlights (Part 2)

The 2022 Game Developers Conference wrapped up late March as a wonderful success—with 12,000 people attending in-person and another 5,000 joining virtually. Here are some more Game Developer's coverage highlights from that week.

It was the largest conference in San Francisco in the past two years. GDC 2022 featured over 1,000 speakers across over 600 lectures, workshops, and roundtable discussions and networking events, physically reuniting the game dev community. 

GDC's sister publication Game Developer was on the ground covering some of the biggest news, sessions, and surprises from the weeklong event. We've put together a list of some exciting articles from GDC 2022, with more to be found here

Behind Codex, the tool powering the dialogue of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy—Bryant Francis

"At GDC 2022, Eidos-Montreal narrative producer Rayna Anderson breaks down the tech behind the studio's narrative tools."

Creating a complex sonic ecosystem with modular design in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands—Holly Green

"How the team at Gearbox built upon the old to create the new in their latest Borderlands title."

The Developer's Renaissance: 3 leaders on life and career in games—Kris Graft

"During GDC 2022's Main Stage event, titled 'The Developer's Renaissance,' leaders from Eidos-Montreal, PlayStation, and Devolver reflected on social justice, shipping games through a pandemic, and their own careers."

Amazon is rolling out its own virtual workstation tech—Bryant Francis

"Amazon's GDC-week offerings include a suite of virtual game development machines built on Amazon Web Services."

How Among Us grew to nearly 3 million TikTok followers with metrics, personality, and memes—Joseph Knoop

"'We're not gunning for a one-hit viral thing. We're really aiming for sustainable, practical community engagement.'"

Josh Wardle reflects on the the unconventional road to Wordle's success—Alissa McAloon

"The story of Wordle is a tale built around doing several things that game developers generally are not meant to do. Here's how breaking the "rules" allowed Josh Wardle to create a simple but clever game that had a surprisingly huge impact on its players."

GDC returns to San Francisco in March 2023, and the call for submissions opens this summer! For more information, be sure to visit our website.

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Game Developer and GDC are sibling organizations under Informa Tech.

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