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Bosslady Blog: Welcome to GDC 2009

[In her first post for the GDC weblog, Game Developers Conference event director Meggan Scavio welcomes you to this year's event.] A new GDC season is upon us, the 23rd to be exact and my 10th. What milestones have we crossed over the last 23 years? Quite a few actually. Let me take you back to 1987, when we were called the Computer Game Developers Conference and we were in a living room with a few names you might recognize: Don Daglow, Tim Brengle, Chris Crawford and Gordon Walton, to name a few. Fast forward through Milpitas, Santa Clara, Long Beach, and San Jose to our current landing spot: San Francisco. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the games industry mature into a form of mainstream entertainment through generations of increasingly accessible platforms and innovations. With maturity and growth comes opportunity, and GDC 2009 hopes to remind you of that. With content that speaks directly to the kinds of new business ideas and development challenges you face, this year’s GDC promises to inspire us all. I look forward to seeing you in March as well as updating you along the way on exciting GDC developments via the Bosslady blog. Stay tuned for more! Meggan Scavio GDC Event Director [Meggan and her colleagues will be posting regular updates from behind the scenes through the lead-up to next March's Game Developers Conference 2009, including content reveals and other helpful information. You can subscribe individually to the GDC News blog via its RSS feed.]


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