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2010 GDC Online Adds Game Career Seminar Details

GDC Online organizers have debuted the line-up for the Game Career Seminar at next month's Austin event, including staffers from Obsidian, Big Huge Games, Foundation 9 and more at the career-building one-day event.

There are now more than 120 panels, lectures and tutorials in total currently scheduled for the October 5th-8th Austin, Texas based conference. The event -- formerly known as GDC Austin -- is sharply focused on the development of online games, including free-to-play titles, social network games, and traditional MMOs, in addition to having Summits on diverse other subjects.

But it also includes a one-day Game Career Seminar event on Friday, October 8th, designed for students and individuals interested in learning how to build a career in the video game industry.

Attendees for the specially priced Summit will experience interactive sessions, network with industry professionals, and hear HR representatives, top game developers and industry experts share their perspective and insights.

The freshly debuted lectures for GDC Online's Game Career Seminar include the following newly announced and publicized highlights:

- In 'Don't Be Stopped at the Gate!', hiring managers such as Jim Rivers from Obsidian Entertainment, Lindsey McQueeney from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games and Dino McGraw from Foundation 9 discuss "how to prepare yourself with tips, tools and straight advice" in an interactive session for those wanting to enter the game business.

- Game education veteran Jen Sward presents 'Show Me, Don't Tell Me: Portfolios and Resumes in the Game Industry', explaining of her lecture: "In this discussion, we'll look at various ways for both entry level and experienced developers to create an accurate and compelling resume and portfolio that hiring managers will notice."

- 'Making Your Own Path' is a lecture featuring GlobeX Studios' Carey Chico, as he "shares his personal success story of 15 years in the game industry. Carey will describe his journey from breaking into the business at Activision, to becoming an executive at Pandemic Studios, to now launching his own independent company. Get a first-hand look at forging your own path in the game industry and come away inspired and full of ideas about where to take your career goals."

The Game Career Seminar lectures run alongside a Main Conference for GDC Online from October 6th-8th that includes a keynote from Zynga chief game designer Brian Reynolds (FrontierVille), and track keynotes from Blizzard's Greg Canessa (on, Playdom's Raph Koster (on social mechanics), and Bigpoint's Heiko Hubertz (on the rise of Europe in online gaming), and over 70 other talks in the space.

In addition, multiple Summits have debuted major line-ups, with the 3D Stereoscopic Gaming Summit featuring speakers from Sony, Crytek, Walt Disney Imagineering and more, plus the iPhone and iPad Summits featuring Words With Friends/We Rule's David Bettner, Pocket Legends' Cinco Barnes and many others, plus a Game Narrative Summit including a keynote from Bungie's Joseph Staten on '10 Years Of Halo Storytelling... And Beyond', plus major Harmonix and 2K Games lectures.

GDC Online will take place October 5-8, 2010 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. To learn more about lectures across all tracks and summits for the event, for which registration is still open, please visit GDC Online's official website.

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