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One-Day Summit

The one-day GDC UX Summit features panels and lectures from top UX practitioners and advocates in the industry. This summit is targeted towards all levels of expertise interested in game UX and focuses on best practices and case studies rather than pure theory. The intent is to increase UX awareness (specifically as being user-centered and using a scientific approach), become stronger as a game UX community, share our growing experience and expertise in the industry, and push the boundaries of our discipline.

Summit Advisors

Celia Hodent

Game UX Consultant

Topics of Interest for Proposals to Speak

The UX Summit is welcoming submissions on UX-related topics in the following areas:

  • UX advocacy, strategy & maturity (using a rigorous user-centered practice): advancing UX maturity in studios, demonstrating ROI (return on investment),  getting stakeholder signoff, facilitating collaboration for better UX practices across various disciplines, UX best practices for AAA, AA, or indie developers, etc.
  • UX design:
    • Case study of a feature (i.e. describing the iterative process, demonstrating what success looks like), making sure to show user data-informed examples.
    • Game post-mortems through the UX lens (i.e. user-centered at a minimum).
    • Platform specific challenges (e.g. VR, AR).
  • Esports: specific UX challenges 
  • New technology in games: the impact of recent tech such as blockchain technology or machine learning on game UX.
  • Ethics: best practices & challenges (e.g. dark patterns, attention economy).
  • Inclusion (including accessibility): best practices and guidelines.
  • Designing to prevent disruptive behaviors (aka “toxicity”) and protect players: best practices and guidelines.
  • User research:
    • Successful relationship between user research and design.
    • Concrete case studies.
    • Advantages and limitations of biometrics.
  • Analytics and business intelligence servicing the player experience (case studies).

Annual Lecture Themes

Add information about postmortems, micro talks, etc you are actively seeking here.

If you're interested in submitting to give a microtalk in one of our annual 60–minute group sessions, such as ……, be sure to note that in the Presentation Outline section of the submission form.

How to Apply

For more information, please review the submission guidelines page.

Conference Program Topic

Learn UX design and strategy best practices to improve overall quality and increase the likelihood that your game will create and sustain engagement in the UX Summit. UX helps ensure that the design and business intent of your game is the one ultimately experienced by your target audience. Learn about all facets of the user experience discipline in the video game industry using knowledge from cognitive science, psychology, and application of research findings.

Past Session Highlights

'DEATHLOOP's' User Research and User Experience Death Loop

Dana Nightingale (Arkane Studios Lyon)

It's Not Just About Design: Universal Approaches to Designing in a Collaborative Environment

Mike Mariano (Roblox)

Storytelling Is Design: A Human Centric Approach to Game Narrative

Abigail Rindo (King)


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