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One-Day Summit | Monday | March 20, 2023

Learn UX design and strategy best practices to improve overall quality and increase the likelihood that your game will create and sustain engagement in the UX Summit. UX helps ensure that the design and business intent of your game is the one ultimately experienced by your target audience. Learn about all facets of the user experience discipline in the video game industry using knowledge from cognitive science, psychology, and application of research findings.

Session Highlights

Step Into Your Player's Shoes: Making the Most of Team Playtests on 'Skate'

Andreia Gonçalves (Senior UX Designer, Electronic Arts)

Accessibility by Design: Finding Our Way on the Path Less Traveled

Aderyn Thompson (Accessibility Design Lead, Ubisoft)

The Journey of Playtesting 'God of War: Ragnarök' Accessibility at Scale

Sue Pacete (Senior UX Researcher, Sony Santa Monica Studio)


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