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All lectures, panels and microtalk sessions are recorded prior to the event and premiered during GDC week, July 19-23, 2021. During each session’s scheduled broadcast, there will be a live text-chat where audience members can discuss content and ask questions. We ask that all speakers attend their scheduled broadcast to participate in the live discussion. If you are unable to attend your session, please let either [email protected] (for Core Concepts) or [email protected] (for Summits, VRDC or Game Career Seminar) know as soon as possible so we can prepare attendees accordingly.

Please read through the information below about preparing for and recording your session. If you still have questions, review the Recording FAQ, or contact your GDC Content contact listed above. You can reference the Speaker Lounge Home Page and Speaker Navigation Guide for instructions on how to check in the day of your broadcast and how to access your session. 

Recording Your Session

You DO NOT need to leave time at the end of your talk for Q&A. Since Q&A is done through live chat messaging during broadcast, you have the entire session duration (30-min, 60-min or microtalk duration) for your recording. Please practice your talk many times before recording to ensure your presentation fits within your allotted time.

GDC offers two ways to record your session: self-record portal or ETS recording appointment. The process for recording your session depends on your session’s format and number of speakers:

Single Speaker Lectures: self-record portal

Multi-Speaker Lectures and Panels: ETS recording appt

Microtalks: self-record portal (each microtalk is recorded separately and edited together in the final video)

No matter which recording process you follow, treat your recording the same as you would a live presentation. It’s ok if you make a mistake, we’re only human after all! Just brush it off and continue.

Self-Record Portal

If you are presenting your lecture or microtalk alone, you can record your session through GDC's self-record portal. Please note: 60-min lectures will need to be recorded in two 30-minute parts within the same self-recorded session. ETS will combine both 30-min parts for the final 60-min video.

To better understand the how the self-record portal works and prepare for your presentation, please watch the Self Record Portal Instructional Video and the Tips for A Successful Webcast Video.

Before you record, please review the following:

  • Treat your recording as though you are presenting live on-site! Keep track of time/pacing (your talk must fit within the duration determined upon acceptance into the program), avoid noisy fidgeting such as tapping your desk, and don’t get hung up on mistakes. If you mess up, brush it off and continue! If necessary, you can take note of a mistake’s timestamp and submit an edit request at the video upload/final step.
  • If you are recording a 60-min lecture, you will need to record your presentation in two 30-min parts within the same self-recording session.
  • Access the self-record portal well BEFORE the recording deadline to familiarize yourself with setting up you’re A/V, sharing your slides and using software overall. If you have any questions or issues, contact us to troubleshoot or setup a guided recording with ETS.
  • If possible, use multiple monitors to aid the process.
  • If you are working with an Advisor on your lecture or microtalk, we highly recommend checking in with them in final recording preparations.
  • The deadline to self-record your session is set by your GDC Content contact (Core Concepts: [email protected]. Summits, VRDC, GCS: [email protected])

Please click below to begin your submission. The Self-Record Portal event code is: gdc2021

Schedule a Recording Appointment

If your session has 2+ speakers or otherwise cannot self-record, you can schedule an appointment with ETS to record your session. Recording appointments are limited and reserved for sessions that absolutely cannot be self-recorded by the speaker.

All speakers will schedule ONE appointment with ETS. In the guided recording, ETS will capture each speaker’s A/V, setup presentations slides and other materials you want to capture, as well as ensure the A/V quality remains high while capturing multiple feeds, across different locations.

Guided recordings will take place JUNE 7th – 18th. Recording appointments are limited and reserved for sessions that absolutely cannot be self-recorded by the speaker. All presentation files (e.g. your slides) are due to ETS 24 hours before your scheduled recording appointment.

In preparation for your recording appointment, please review the following:

  • Please check in with your Advisor for any final notes on your presentation deck and delivery.
  • Watch the following instructional videos:
  • Please upload Presentation Files to ETS team 24 hours before session here:

Chat Q&A

A chat box will be located next to your session's video. The Q&A and chat feature will be live from the start of your scheduled broadcast start-time to about 5 minutes after your scheduled broadcast end-time.

Questions will be sorted by “upvotes” with a thumbs-up sign to help you choose the most popular. Simply type in and submit your responses/comments in the chat box to interact with the audience. You can choose to respond to attendees in real time as questions and comments come in or wait until the end. You are not required to answer all questions. We recommend answering the most popular (up-voted) questions or the ones you find most interesting.

GDC will have chat moderators monitoring chats to ensure discussions are on topic and respectful. If you notice any inappropriate comments or violations to GDC’s Code of Conduct, please report them to GDC Organizers immediately in the Help Desk located within the event platform. 

Presentation Templates

Please use an official GDC Template for your presentation to provide consistency throughout the event. Should the presentation's content benefit from a different template, feel free to use what works best but be sure it matches these slide resolution specs: Minimum slide resolution 1280x720 (1920x1080 preferred)

ALL slides must be final at the time of your recording and cannot be revised after your recording.

If using the self-record portal you will upload your final slides through the portal. If recording with ETS you will send ETS your finalized slides at the time of the recording. 

Before uploading your final slides or sending them to ETS, it is important that you use the following naming convention to save your file: Last Name-First Name-Session Title. If you have a long session title, the first 4 words of the title will do. 

Inclusive Speaker Training

As conference organizers, it is our goal to support the game industry by ensuring all attendees feel welcome and included at GDC. We encourage all speakers to complete an Inclusive Speaking Orientation course hosted by the Linux Foundation. This course is self-paced, takes under two hours to complete and will teach you best practices on how to be an inclusive speaker. The course is free and has no final exam to pass.

Use the link below to access the course. You will be guided to create an account with the Linux Foundation, also giving you access to course materials for up to 12 months.

If you have any questions on the course, please reach out to [email protected]

Access the course here:


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