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Discussion sessions are classic and new GDC lectures that have been recorded prior to the event. During each session’s scheduled broadcast, there will be a live chat stream where audience members can discuss content and ask questions. Speakers must be present in the chat during their scheduled broadcast. If you are unable to attend your session, please email [email protected] immediately. Please review the following information to prepare for your discussion session.

Chat Q&A for New and Classic Lectures

Whether your session is a new or classic GDC talk, your talk will be featured in the GDC Showcase program as a ‘Discussion Session’, meaning the audience can interact with you and one another via chat discussion. A chat box will be located next to your session's video. The Q&A and chat feature will be live from the start of your scheduled broadcast start-time to about 10 minutes after your scheduled broadcast end-time.

Questions will be sorted by “upvotes” with a thumbs-up sign to help you choose the most popular. Simply type in and submit your responses/comments in the chat box to interact with the audience. You can choose to respond to attendees in real time as questions and comments come in or wait until the end. You are not required to answer all questions. We recommend answering the most popular (up-voted) questions or the ones you find most interesting.

GDC will have chat moderators monitoring chats to ensure discussions are on topic and respectful. If you notice any inappropriate comments or violations to GDC’s Code of Conduct, please report them to the GDC team immediately in the Help Desk located within the event platform. We will remove the comment and report the individual user.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled broadcast to interact with the audience, please let the GDC Content team know immediately, as we will need to let the audience know chat and Q&A are not available for your session.

Presentation Slides for New Lectures

Presentation Templates

Please use an official GDC Showcase Template for your presentation to provide consistency throughout the event. Should the presentation's content benefit from a different template, feel free to use what works best but be sure it matches these slide resolution specs: Minimum slide resolution 1280x720 (1920x1080 preferred)

GDC Showcase Presentation Template

Make sure to finalize your presentation slides prior to your recording. Whether you self-record or record with ETS (GDC’s AV vendor), ALL slides must be final and cannot be revised after your recording.

If using the Self Record Portal you will upload your final slides through the portal. If recording with ETS you will send ETS your finalized slides at the time of the recording. 

Before uploading your final slides or sending them to ETS, it is important that you use the following naming convention to save your file: Last Name-First Name-Session Title. If you have a long session title, the first 4 words of the title will do. 


Recording Your New Lecture

Your lecture must be recorded prior to the event by February 26, 2021. New lecture speakers can either self-record through the self-record portal posted below or schedule a recording appointment with ETS. See below for details. If self-recording, we strongly encourage testing the self-record portal ASAP before the 2/26 deadline to ensure comfortability using the software. Whether you self-record or record with ETS, present your lecture the same as you would in a live setting. It’s ok if you make a mistake, we’re only human after all! Just brush it off and continue.

Self-Record Portal 

If you are presenting alone or can physically be with your co-speaker, you can record your session through the self-record portal that will be posted below.

Self Record Portal:

Password: gdc2021

Schedule a Recording Appointment

If your session has multiple speakers (and you cannot be together) or otherwise cannot self-record, you can schedule an appointment with ETS to record your session. Recording appointments are available February 15-26, 2021. Please contact [email protected] to setup an appointment.

AV Requirements

Below are the minimum equipment requirements for your webcast presentation. If you have any issues with these requirements, please contact [email protected] immediately:

  • Computer with webcam and microphone
  • Minimum slide resolution 1280x720 (1920x1080 preferred)
  • 6MB upload/ 6MB download speed
  • Private or secluded space to record/film

Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.


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