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GDC 2023

June 27-29, 2023

Join GDC online this summer with 3 days of content and networking for $149!

GDC Showcase

GDC Showcase is an all-digital event designed to bring the global game dev community together with exciting sessions, live networking opportunities, and more–happening this June 27-29!
June 27 & 28 will feature past GDC session highlights as well as all-new pre-recorded sessions with live speaker Q&As in the chat, live fireside chats, and insights from some of the top companies in the industry. The last day, June 29 will be a full day of interactive roundtables and networking opportunities --- all online! It’s GDC: Wherever you are.
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Featured Partner

Gala Games hosts the largest decentralized network of gamers in the world. With several titles released in the past year and more than a dozen currently in the pipeline, Gala Games utilizes Web3 technology to help empower players through game content ownership, unique AAA gaming experiences and innovative new ways to play!

Group Registration

Groups of 5 or more attendees registering at the same time can save 15% on the current registration price for the All Access Passes.

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GDC Showcase Content

GDC Showcase will feature interactive Q&As with speakers and live discussions on some of the most pressing issues in the industry.

  • Participate in live fireside chats with expert developers.
  • Revisit classic GDC talks and chat with the speakers who gave them.
  • Experience brand-new forward-looking keynotes from sponsors.

Head to the Conference Overview below for a look at the session topics, and what attendees can expect from our all-digital event experience.

2023 Featured Sessions

Classic Game Postmortem: Fallout (GDC 2012)

The first Fallout offered players a post-apocalyptic open world filled with distinctive characters, moral dilemmas, and quests that could be solved in multiple, oftentimes unconventional ways. Timothy Cain, who was the producer, lead programmer, and one of the primary designers for the beloved game, will deliver a talk on how he helped create a franchise that set a new standard for open-world RPGs and still resonates with players.

User Interface in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is CD Project RED's biggest game to date. This talk looks back at how user interface technology was built for this title from scratch, what challenges the development team faced during the production, and how they solved certain problems and optimized the whole system to support thousands of independent UI instances around Night City.

It’s Better to Be Friends: Marketing Asks and the Reality of Game Production

In this talk you will learn about how the marketing and development teams at Finji use an integrated communication and asset creation process to manage projects that intentionally balances the high-profile marketing asks required to ship a game alongside the development reality of a project.

GoSkinning: An Innovative and Efficient Skinning Production for Animators

This session will introduce an innovative automatic skinning production (GoSkinning) which includes a large number of novel deep learning models that may revolutionize the 3D game art pipeline.

Living Paintings of OFK: Art Directing the Style and Lives of an Indie-Pop Band

We Are OFK features four virtual band members who were created from the culmination of the development team's varying backgrounds and visions-- from different art styles to differences in approach. 

The 'Lamplighters League': Music Systems and Live Recording

Jon Everist, Game Audio Network Guild award winning and ASCAP nominated composer for BATTLETECH, Shadowrun, The Solitaire Conspiracy will dive deep into a brand new IP from longtime collaborator Harebrained Schemes, recorded at Abbey Road studios and implemented via Wwise, Jon will showcase the steps taken to implement and execute a live recorded project on both large and small scales.


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