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Will Wright returns to GDC this year with a talk you won't want to miss!

Legendary game designer Will Wright (SimCity, The Sims, Spore) has spent his life working on interesting projects, and today we're excited to announce that he'll be coming to GDC 2020 next month to tell you all about what he's working on now, what he's learned in the process, and how it all ties into game design!

Wright's hour-long talk "The Psychology Behind Proxi" is part of the GDC Vision Track, a series of unique talks aimed at helping you explore the impact and future of the game industry. It's especially exciting because Wright has been working with Gallium Artists for some time now on Proxi, pitched as an "AI simulation game" for mobile that aims to help players better understand the way their minds work.

Now Wright is coming to GDC to fill you in on the project, explore the basis for the idea behind Proxi, and examine why human memory is a bizarre thing that rarely works the way we think it does. Wright will also discuss why he's convinced that we can use memories to reverse-engineer and reconstruct the subconscious “Id” inside of each of us, uncovering the “real” person that we may have some sense of but have never really met. It promises to be a fascinating, can't-miss talk!

Register now for GDC 2020, which runs from Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 20th. This will be the 34th edition of GDC, and it's going to be packed with practical opportunities for you to learn and grow, so take a look at the (ever-expanding) session schedule and register early to lock in the best price!

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