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Practice Makes Perfect in This Hands-on GDC Masterclass on Level Design

Knowing how to design a great level for video games is about balancing technical savvy with creativity and vision. Chris Totten is here to give those tools to level designers and game developers of all kinds in his upcoming GDC Masterclass course.

Chris returns to GDC Masterclass with The Many Faces of Level Design, where attendees are given the opportunity to practice their level design skills outside of their normally technically intensive environments—as they make a series of level design prototypes with small game-making tools to hone their ability to make exciting experiences for players. This one-day course is being offered twice, on November 4 and December 9.

This Masterclass provides a great training tool for level designers of all skill types, as well as game designers, instructors, and students looking to grow their portfolio. According to Chris, it also provides a creative space to try new things. 

"The goal for this class was to create a design studio-style environment where we discuss a bit of theory, then break out and make some things quickly to see how that theory applies to real work. Through collaboration and discussion, the class learns from one another's knowledge and experience," he said. "Heck, I've learned a ton from running these sessions that have been valuable in my own games!"

Attendees walk away with the tools, tricks, and techniques needed to master video games from indie to AAA. Here are just a few of the takeaways to expect from The Many Faces of Level Design

• Learn a variety of prototyping tools such as tabletop, Twine, 2D game engines, and grayboxing.

• Build experiences that make game levels engaging.

• Identify the impact that spatial quality has on gameplay.

• Craft game prototypes with a strong focus on player engagement.

• Develop a strong sense of macro‐level design, micro‐level design, and pacing.

GDC Masterclass delivers high-level training with industry experts in several game development fields. One of the Game Developers Conference's unique professional offerings, Masterclass is comprised of small-group workshops that deliver in-depth, hands-on training from top professionals in video game development—addressing some of the most important challenges facing developers today. 

Join the hundreds of satisfied attendees who've thrived after taking a Masterclass game developer course. Learn the latest tools and concepts to become a leader in your field (from the comfort of your home or office), discover networking opportunities with fellow attendees, and gain access to unique course materials to continue your education and training. 

Chris Totten is here to help you grow your level design training and become a key player in the development of your current and future games. Head to GDC Masterclass for more information on Chris's course. Advanced Pricing is available through September 6, and discounts are available for groups of three or more who register together! Go here to register now.

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