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Learn how to recover from marketing mistakes in Victoria Tran’s GDC Showcase session

When releasing indie games, there’s any number of mistakes that a small developer can make that a larger one might not. When you only have so much time and resources, there’s just some obstacles you face in getting the word out about your game.

From typos in Tweets to flopped messaging campaigns, Innersloth Games' Victoria Tran’s seen it all. And she wants you to learn from her mistakes, both so you don’t repeat them, and so you know how to recover when you make your own. At GDC Showcase in March, she’ll be giving a talk on how to survive these messaging missteps.

Tran won’t just be talking about her own mistakes though! As a part of GDC Showcase’s Discussion Sessions, Tran will be in the chat, taking your questions about her presentation, and helping you navigate the fallout from whatever marketing missteps you’ve stumbled into.

This is a great opportunity to learn, collaborate, and build a way forward for your future as an indie developer and marketer. Be sure to register for GDC Showcase today!

And remember, if you register by February 5th, you’ll earn a free month of GDC Vault, for more learning after the event.

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