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Here's the List of GDC Pitch Finalists at GDC 2022

GDC Pitch is a special event designed to help select participants practice their game-pitching skills. Eight studios (over the course of two days) will solicit their games in front of a live audience—followed by questions, advice, and feedback.

Here's How In-Person and Virtual Networking Works at GDC 2022

The organizers of GDC 2022 are excited to be returning to San Francisco for in-person networking opportunities—while also providing all attendees the option to network from anywhere in the world through our virtual platform.

Check Out These Informative Sponsored Sessions During GDC 2022

Game industry leaders like Amazon Web Services, Unity, Microsoft, Meta, Intel, Wemade, and more are presenting several interesting talks during GDC 2022—covering a variety of topics in technology, career development, and so much more.

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