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GDC 2010 Rounds Off Indie Coverage With Indie Fund Talk, Gamma, Nuovo Sessions

Game Developers Conference 2010 organizers have confirmed the final set of independent game-specific content, including Ron Carmel on the just-debuted Indie Fund, the Gamma IV party/showcase, and the EGW-replacing Nuovo Sessions game showcase.
The newly confirmed details round off a multitude of independent game-specific content at the March 9th-13th event, held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, including the 12th Annual Independent Games Festival -- featuring over 30 top indie games playable on the GDC Expo floor from Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th, as well as the major IGF Awards on Thursday 11th at 6.30pm.
In addition, the 4th Independent Games Summit on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th has added and clarified a number of sessions, with 2D Boy's Ron Carmel kicking off the event with 'Indies and Publishers: Fixing a System That Never Worked', now confirmed to discuss the new Indie Fund organization.
Another major new panel, 'Tripping The Art Fantastic', features Spelunky creator Derek Yu, Braid artist David Hellman and Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen discussing "how each one of these figures influences the state of game art, from hand painted epics to short form experimental Flash games."

Other previously unhighlighted Independent Games Summit lectures and panels include a trio on 'Savvy Indie Solutions to Difficult Development Problems', with Monaco's Andy Schatz, Canabalt's Adam Saltsman and Aquaria's Alec Holowka weighing in on "three unique approaches to game design" focusing on smaller as better -- alongside a number of other major lectures.
Also newly announced on Wednesday is a special GDC Mobile/Handheld session named 'IGF Mobile Showcase', with some of the category winners from the Independent Games Festival Mobile competition discussing the work behind their award-winning iPhone and Nintendo DSi titles - including Lilt Line, Glow Artisan and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor.
There's also a notable off-site party in the indie space, and open to all GDC attendees. In the evening of March 10th, a host of notable independent studios are banding together to present the Gamma IV One Button Event, a party featuring six 'one button games' picked from over 150 entries to Kokoromi's game challenge, plus music from Baiyon, Starpause, and more. The chosen Gamma IV games will then appear in playable form at a special Pavilion on the GDC Expo Floor from March 11th-13th.
Finally, with the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at the GDC Main Conference being cancelled at short notice, IGF co-organizers Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink have stepped in to the same time slot to present 'The Nuovo Sessions'. This is "a look at some of the new, alternative games and game concepts nominated for the Independent Games Festival's Nuovo Awards, along with prototypes and productions from like-minded individuals."
Confirmed speakers for the session include Daniel Benmergui (Today I Die), Alex Bruce (Hazard: The Journey Of Life), Ian Bogost (A Slow Year), Farbs (Captain Forever, pictured), Cactus (Tuning), Steve Swink (Shadow Physics), Ian Dallas (The Unfinished Swan), Tyler Glaiel & Jon Schubbe (Closure), Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV), and Justin Smith (Enviro-Bear 2000), who will be showing existing titles, new prototypes, and discussing multiple ways to create video games that think different.
More information about GDC 2010 is available on the official Game Developers Conference weblog, and the GDC Schedule Builder has a complete list of lectures for the event. Regular discounted online registration for GDC 2010 is only available until Thursday, March 4 at 1pm PT.


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