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Attend GDC to see how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare balances looks with performance!

The Call of Duty games promise to immerse players in loud, vibrant virtual battles which play out at rock-solid framerates, and attendees of next month's Game Developers Conference will have an opportunity to learn exactly how they do it!

Notably, Infinity Ward's Rulon Raymond will be at the show to present "Lima Oscar Delta!: Scaling Content in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare'", which promises to reveal how a well-curated toolbox of content scaling techniques can work in harmony to deliver a game which strikes a great balance between visuals and performance.

So don't miss this talk if you've ever wondered how Call of Duty games look under the hood, as Raymond aims to touch on everything from content tools to shaders, automatic mesh simplification workflows, handling large player counts, displaying expansive maps, and dynamically adapting content across a variety of runtime conditions.

Mathematically rigorous subjects like mesh reconstruction and topological simplification will be largely avoided, but some understanding of the Call of Duty games and game development in general will be useful!

Next year GDC 2020 runs from Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 20th. This will be the 34th edition of GDC, and now that registration is officially open, you'll want to take a look at the (ever-expanding) session schedule and your GDC pass options -- register early to lock in the best price!

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