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5 talks that game designers shouldn’t miss out on at GDC 2021

Game design is an incredibly broad field ,and every designer knows that to make the most of their craft, they need to go as far and wide to get inspiration as possible.

Today we’re highlighting 5 sessions that designers should particularly be interested in at the all-digital 2021 Game Developers Conference (running July 19th-23rd). You can learn how to make meaningful game systems, improve your understanding of player motivations, and so much more at this year’s online show!

Here’s 5 sessions you should definitely put on your schedule:

Independent Games Summit: Ghost in the Machine: Authorial System Design In Frostpunk & Beyond

11 bit Studios’ Marta Fijak will talk about the expressive qualities of systems and game balance, how perceptive the audience is around this type of message, and shows how this design approach was used while designing the societal elements of Frostpunk.

Universals vs. Differentiators: A Tale of Two Motivations

Frequent GDC speaker Nick Yee returns to break down two different player major motivations that drive how people interact with your game.  

Who Owns Reality?

Lawyer Will Bucher will drop by to will go through the most commonly copied aspects of reality in games— natural wonders, buildings, weapons, cloths, brands, and people—and discusses what, if anything, needs to be done to copy them legally.

Independent Games Summit: Spreadsheet Smarter Not Harder

Designers are all-too familiar with how spreadsheets impact their lives. Tyler Coleman breaks down how you can use them better.

Board Game Design Summit: Creating Resonance with Thematic Design

Board game designer Sarah Shipp will explore how game designers can make experiences that resonate with players beyond the simple task of completing goals and fulfilling rules.

You can find more great GDC 2021 talks for designers and other game developers on the GDC schedule.

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