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Unlock the Secrets of 'TUNIC' in This GDC 2023 Design Session

In this design talk, Andrew Shouldice, Developer at ISOMETRICORP Games, breaks down the secret-making of 'TUNIC' and shares how to make your finite game feel like it's got a bottomless supply of mysteries.

GDC Donates Over 700 Passes to Scholarship Programs for 2023 Event

Each year, GDC proudly partners with a variety of organizations through which qualified candidates can apply to receive complimentary GDC passes. These partners are helping to shape the future of the industry make-up by providing opportunities to, and amplifying the work of, game developers from marginalized communities.

IGF Accepts Over 500 Entries for GDC 2023

Several of the games on the IGF 2023 Entries list include Devolver Digital's Cult of the Lamb, Finji's TUNIC, Ron Gilbert's Return to Monkey Island, and Blackbird Interactive's open-source game Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

10 Tips From an IGF Judge for Submitting Your Game to IGF 2023

IGF judge Aura Triolo has spent years coaching potential submitters on her Twitter account, providing key insight from someone who's been working on the inside of the process. This year, we asked if we could share some of her best tips for our audience.

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