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GDC Showcase Talk Shares an Exciting Tool for 3D and Technical Artists

For 3D and technical artists, sometimes it can feel like the work is never done. That's why so many have worked to streamline the steps of an artist's creative process. Enter GoSkinning, a process for automated skinning production. Learn all about it, and what the process can do for your team, in this informative GDC Showcase talk.

Showcase Introduces GDC Virtual Networking Like You've Never Seen Before

Get ready to go virtual: GDC is thrilled to reveal that GDC Showcase attendees will have exclusive access to an exciting, fully interactive platform for networking, socializing, and entertainment. Here's everything you need to know for making your way around!

Check Out These Exciting and Important Roundtables Coming to GDC Showcase

Get ready to discuss some of today's most-crucial game industry topics and issues with like-minded peers and professionals. Here is our list of roundtables coming to GDC Showcase—including discussions on giving feedback, working from home (or hybrid), automated testing, and more.

Join Top Game Developers for Fireside Chats on Career Growth at GDC Showcase

Join us at GDC Showcase this June 27-29 for a series of intimate fireside chats with industry experts on game production, design and art. Each fireside will take a deep dive into the developers’ experiences in video game development, and how they’ve navigated and established a career in the games industry.

GDC Loves the Planet! A Look at Our Ongoing Sustainability Efforts

GDC is committed to growing and sustaining a positive environmental impact within the game dev community. For Earth Day 2023, we wanted to highlight some of our programs, partnerships, and plans for reducing our carbon footprint and raising awareness about climate issues—including our all-virtual 2023 GDC Showcase.

GDC 2023 Sessions Are Now on GDC Vault

The 2023 Game Developers Conference has arrived on GDC Vault, giving subscribers access to these and thousands more GDC videos.

GDC 2023 Saw Over 28,000 Attendees at This Year's Top Game Industry Event

There's one way to describe the 2023 Game Developers Conference: GDC is back. The industry's premier event for game developers saw more than 28,000 registered attendees—more than doubling the number of in-person attendees from last year's event. And luckily, that's not all GDC has planned for 2023.

We've Reached the Final Day of GDC 2023!

We can hardly believe we’re saying this, but it's the final day of the 2023 Game Developers Conference! It's been wonderful getting a chance to connect with the global game dev community, and we're excited for what today has in store.

Connecting the Global Game Development Community