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2009 GDC China Announces Final Speaker Line-Up

Game Developers Conference China has announced its lineup of speakers from noted industry players including Blizzard Entertainment, Maxis, EA DICE and many more. Think Services, a division of United Business Media will present GDC China at the Shanghai Convention Center, October 11-13 of this year.
Chris Hecker will be presenting a session on the challenges and meaning of user-generated content in Spore, Colt McAnlis of Blizzard will be addressing the technical challenges of generating and affixing art to the massive terrains of World of Warcraft, and Tobias Dahl and Mikael Lagre of Dice EA will discuss the unique task of creating a robust perspective for Mirror's Edge, a game emphasizing fluid first-person movement and perspective.
Professionals from Activision, Take Two Asia, Volition and Ubisoft Chengdu will be among the full roster of speakers presenting varied and informative talks.
Headlining the solid roster of speakers is Jordan Mechner, the accomplished game designer, programmer, screenwriter, and creator of Prince of Persia who will be providing a keynote lecture titled "Prince of Persia: 20 Years From Game to Film."
The list of featured speakers at GDC China includes:
- From Evolution to Revolution: Upgrading the Graphics Engine of EVE Online -- Halldor Fannar (CTO, CCP)
- Texturing Massive Terrain -- Colt McAnlis (Programmer, Blizzard Entertainment)
- Meaning, Aesthetics, and User-Generated Content -- Chris Hecker (Formerly Technology Fellow at Maxis)
- Preparing a Leading Chinese IP for Videogame Development: The Daomubiji Case Study -- James Zhang (Chairman, Concept Art House), Xu Lei(Author, Daomubiji), Xuan Li (Development Director, Concept Art House), Ken Chou (Creative Director, Concept Art House)
- Workflow Methods for the Environment Artist -- Ray Tylak (Art Production Manager, Ubisoft Chengdu)
- Creating First Person Movement for Mirror's Edge -- Tobias Dahl (Senior Lead Animator, Dice EA), Mikael Lagre (Engineer, Dice EA)
- Dubbing Design and Setting Up the Auditory Atmosphere in Games -- Peng Meng (Sound Designer, Composer)
- Designing Sound for Games in China -- Jie Yang (Sound Director, Virtuos)
- Squeezing Every Drop Of Performance Out Of The iPhone Speaker: Noel Llopis (Founder, Snappy Touch)
- Panel Discussion: Chinese Indie Game Outlook and Opportunity -- Billy Hsu (CEO, DJL Worldwide), Tony Chen (Online Business Development Manager, Take Two Asia)
- How to Prepare Your Studio/Game to Attract Investors/Publishers -- Kevin Li(Exec. Director, Activision China)
- Agile Game Development with Scrum Tutorial & Certification -- Clinton Keith (Founder, Clinton Keith Consulting)
- Maximizing Art Production with Effective Art Pipelines
-- Kelly Snapka (Art Director, Volition, Inc.)
"GDC China approaches head-on the challenges and exciting opportunities of one of the world's most bustling and growing regions for games," says Meggan Scavio, GDC China event director. "We're honored to have a cross-section of local and international developers representing some of the most dynamic and influential studios and games today. GDC China is on the forefront of an exciting future for game development in the East."
Interested parties can find more information on GDC China at the event's official website.

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