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Getting the Word Out

GDC Masterclass is quickly approaching, and we’re encouraging instructors to promote their courses through their social networks and other channels. Please see suggested items below to help get you started on marketing your course!

Social Sharing

Feel free to follow along with this step-by-step guide, designed to help you get the word out on social media:

  • Find the link to your course on to feature in your post on social media.
  • In the copy of your social post, include your course title and topic, as well as the hashtag #GDCMasterclass.
  • Add the official GDC Instructor social card (please request from GDC team so we can create a unique one for your course), a screenshot, GIF, or your headshot. Not only is it eye-catching, but it boosts interactivity.
  • Feel free to directly tag GDC (Twitter and Instagram: @Official_GDC LinkedIn: @game developers conference), as it helps the social team keep track and repost!
  • Ideal times to post are between 10:00am and 12:00pm ET—preferably on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays, though any day is a good day to promote.

Email Marketing


If you plan to do some email marketing on your course, we encourage instructors to make your communications personable and informative. You’ve already supplied copy for your course, so consider using it when building emails! Some items to include could be:

  • What is a brief overview of the course?
  • Who is the course for?
  • What is the value of the course?
  • Takeaways?

A simple structure could be something like:

Hi <name if applicable>,

I see you’re interested in <subject(s)>. I am instructing a course, <course name> for GDC Masterclass, <dates>. The course is about <brief overview>. I think you’d find value in <takeaway(s)>. If you’d like to learn more, please visit the course webpage here <link>. If you have any questions, please reach out.



Marketing Code Links

If you do email marketing on your course, please use the marketing code attached to URLs so we can directly track registrations from your communications. This is not required but will help our team collect data as we are continually working to improve processes.

Find your marketing code below:

  • Building Excellent Teams & Culture:
    • ?_mc=sm_gdcmc_3pvr_ve_x_qa_fall_2022
  • Matchmaking and Ranking in Games:
    • ?_mc=sm_gdcmc_3pvr_ve_x_matchmaking_fall_2022
  • Community Management:
    • ?_mc=sm_gdcmc_3pvr_ve_x_comm_fall_2022
  • Psychology and Game UX:
    • ?_mc=sm_gdcmc_3pvr_ve_x_ux_fall_2022
  • Many Faces of Level Design:
    • ?_mc=sm_gdcmc_3pvr_ve_x_level_fall_2022
  • Agile Leadership Essentials:
    • ?_mc=sm_gdcmc_3pvr_ve_x_essentials_fall_2022
  • Agile Leadership Organizations:
    • ?_mc=sm_gdcmc_3pvr_ve_x_organizations_fall_2022
  • Agile Leadership Teams:
    • ?_mc=sm_gdcmc_3pvr_ve_x_teams_fall_2022

Email Signature

Consider adding your course information to your email signature to spread the word to people you connect with regularly! We have found that copy with links works best and ensures delivery of messaging regardless of email provider.

A short inclusion of the following could be like the below:  

name, preferred pronouns, title, and then “Instructing for GDC Masterclass <dates>”.

**Feel free to link directly to your course 

Instructor Discount Code

Invite your fellow game developers and colleagues to attend GDC Masterclass courses and offer them a discount! Codes will be distributed upon request, please contact the GDC team for codes as needed.  

*Discount codes for GDC Masterclass cannot be applied for previously purchased passes or combined with any other discounts including group, IGDA, and alumni discounts. All codes and requests are subject to verification and review by GDC Conference Management.


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