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We look forward to hosting you for the first ever in-person GDC Masterclass! This page will be updated regularly as event logistics are confirmed. Please check back here often and contact [email protected] with questions.

Health & Safety

The AI Summit and GDC Masterclass London will be organized in accordance with the Informa AllSecure health and safety standards, as well as any and all safety measures recommended by the government and by ExCel London. Please view the health and safety measures here.

Hotel & Travel

Hotel: GDC Masterclass Organizers will book hotel on behalf of instructors for total room nights agreed upon. Instructors will be responsible for all incidental purchases during their hotel stay. Hotel location and information will be updated closer to the event date. 

Travel: GDC will issue a travel stipend net 60 days from the end of the event. The travel stipend is provided for flight booking and travel expenses. GDC does not reimburse for taxis, meals, car rentals, parking, tolls, etc. GDC Masterclass Organizers will advise in-person instructors when to book flights. Please do not book your flight before we have confirmed to do so.

Instructor Registration and Event Access

As an instructor, you do NOT need to register for GDC Masterclass or the AI Summit. You will be registered by GDC Organizers early June 2022. A GDC Masterclass badge will allow you access to the AI Summit including sessions and expo. Badge pick up information will be added in the coming weeks.


More information on A/V equipment, course room location and set up will be provided in the coming weeks.

Please note - All instructors must bring their own personal laptop to their presentation. Due to the variety of platform and software/licensing requests, we are not able to provide computers for presenters. If you plan to use a Mac computer without an HDMI port, don't forget to bring your dongle!

Presentation Templates

Please use an official GDC Template for your presentation to provide consistency throughout the event. Should the presentation's content benefit from a different template, feel free to use what works best.

GDC Masterclass Templates

Presentation Tips

Course Presentation Preparation

  • It's important to rehearse your presentation all the way through – ideally multiple times – ahead of the event, so you can make sure it's correctly timed and paced.
  • Many presenters speak faster than they need to, which can make it difficult for students to follow along, especially given we have a number of overseas visitors to GDC events. A good way to spot this is filming yourself and getting others or yourself to watch your presentation speed.

Slide Presentation Preparation Tips

  • Make sure you are using the correct slide aspect ratio for the GDC show you are presenting at – the slides in the Instructor Lounge will be at that ratio.
  • If your text is too close to the edge of the screen, it may get cut off on the slides displayed in the venue – make sure you keep decent margins in place.
  • Your slides or any demonstrations that you switch to during the talk can use audio. Make sure you fully test audio on the system with the AV engineer and GDC Organizers in the room before your course starts.
  • Use large lettering on visuals and a sans serif font if possible.
  • Avoid red-green color combinations for the benefit of those who are color-blind.

Delivering the Course Presentation

  • Be sure you introduce yourself & pass along any reminders that the GDC Organizers ask you to.
  • Speak with a well-modulated voice and enunciate clearly.

Audience Engagement

  • Please encourage questions during your course to deliver in-depth, hands-on training. Class sizes are kept intentionally small to ensure every student receives one-on-one assistance from you, the instructor!
  • Always repeat the question or summarize a comment for the benefit of participants who may not have heard the comment if you feel like the question was indistinct.
  • We encourage you to provide contact information for students to reach out with questions once the course concludes. Only if you’re comfortable with this, of course!

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