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Game Hacking: From Basics to Advanced Principles

Florian Garret

Dec 9 & 10, 2021 | 8 am-12 pm PT both days

$999 | Limited seating

Course Description

As online games become more and more a part of the video game industry, cheat providers are refining their techniques to compromise our games. How do they operate? What can we do against it? What are the common protection techniques? This Masterclass will give you more insights into these techniques, and will use assisted training to cheat yourself and understand what is behind the basis of reverse engineering a game.

Course Type

Two-Day Course: This is a single course that takes place over two four-hour days with limited breaks.

Intended Audience

Gameplay, network, engine, and online programmers.

Key Takeaways

  • Acquire concrete knowledge about avoiding cheats in games
  • Learn how to spot common mistakes that could be easily avoided (e.g. buffer overflows and incorrect compilation flags)
  • Gain insights into the modus operandi of cheaters
  • Understand why the common protection techniques are important (obfuscation, string encryption, etc).



Instructor Bio

Before joining Ubisoft, Florian was doing his end-of-studies internship at Thales as a Reverse Engineer, working on upcoming decompilers such as Ghidra and RetDec. He then joined Ubisoft in 2019 and has been a Game Security Specialist ever since, performing vulnerability research on Ubisoft games and solutions. He also works on R&D projects such as UbiCTF, developing game hacking challenges and the associated hosting infrastructure.

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