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Advanced Steam Strategies for Game Studios and Publishers

Chris Zukowski

Registration for this course is now closed. 

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Course Information

Course Fee

$999 (approx. £750) per student.

Seating is limited to ensure each student has time with the instructor, and registration for these courses will be closed when capacity is reached. Purchasing a GDC Masterclass pass also gives you full access to the AI Summit at Tobacco Dock London during London Tech Week.

Course Description

Experienced development studios and publishers need advanced Steam strategies to compete in today’s crowded market. In this expert level master class you will learn the skills necessary to take an aggressive position on Steam and master marketing your games.

Course Type

Virtual two-day course: This is a single course that takes place completely virtually over Zoom for two four-hour days with limited breaks.

Intended Audience

First-time developers beware! This class is most relevant for mobile game publishers expanding into PC games, successful development studios branching into publishing, or early stage publishers shooting for the next revenue level. Helpful for studio heads, comm directors, CMs, and product managers.

Key Takeaways

This masterclass is a top to bottom bootcamp for releasing games on Steam. You will learn what marketing channels actually work, how to build a community “moat” that will power you through every release. You will understand in depth what genres are selling well on Steam and what to look for when picking your next project or signing the next studio. Finally you will see what milestones you need to reach to unlock the true potential on Steam so that you can plan out your releases.



Instructor Bio

Chris Zukowski is a game marketing consultant and strategist. He has helped Games as a Service companies, Indie Publishers, and single-person teams understand their audience and communicate with them in a more personal way. He specializes in creating fantastic Steam pages that sell themselves and setting up Email marketing campaigns that your fans will look forward to opening.


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