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An Interactive Showcase For Indie Games

GDC Play features innovative projects from emerging and independent developers. Play the games and meet the people who created them in this interactive showcase on the GDC Expo!

GDC Play Features

Best in Play

A selection of games from GDC Play will be designated "Best in Play" during the week of GDC.

Winners will receive special "Best in Play" designations and free passes to the next GDC event.

GDC Pitch

A selection GDC Play exhibitors will be picked to pitch their games to an opinionated panel of investors and publishers in front of a live audience.

The pitch is followed by questions, advice, and feedback before the judges declare the day's "Best Pitch" and winners are awarded free passes to the next GDC event.

2022 Best in Play Winners

Shadow's Light - Tale of the Champions

Canada Game Nation / 3Mind Games

Circuit Superstars

Original Fire Games LTD

Pocket Oasis

knit'n'purl game studio llc

Grimoire Groves


Project Timi: Sasha's Curse



Passion Republic Games Sdn Bhd

Begone Beast


Soar: Pillars of Tasneem Trailer

Kimchi Corp, LLC.

2022 Best in Play Audience Award Winner

The Heroes around Me


GDC Pitch 2022: Day 1

Day 1 Winner

Grimoire Groves


Waterflame Welkin Series

Autodidactic Studios

Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse

Ephemeral Cube

Pocket Oasis

knit'n'purl Game Studio

GDC Pitch 2022: Day 2

Day 2 Winner

Begone Beast



Kimchi Corp

Thrive Heavy Lies the Crown

Zugalu Entertainment

Plank Builders

Diditopia Games


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